General Boykin or Pope Urban III? [Archives:2003/680/Opinion]

October 27 2003

When Pope Urban II made his famous speech in 1095 in Clermont, France, most of the civilized world west of the Khyber Pass was under Moslem control, in one form or another. Europe at the time was far from being civilized. That speech was said to be the launch pad for the bloody Crusades, which turned the Holy Land into a bloody battlefield for the next two hundred years after that. Of course the international scene was far different then than it is today, with most of European rulers eyeing for the splendor of the East, which was pictured by them by a whole sort of prejudices, envy and greed, adding more fuel to the “spiritual motive”. Most western chroniclers view the speech as the “right speech at the right time”, as the Encarta (Microsoft) encyclopedia wishes us to believe, to awaken the Europeans at the time when the Western World was “threatened by the heathens”, as the Pope called the adherents to Islam and Moslems were “slaughtering Christian pilgrims” on their way to Jerusalem. The truth of the matter is that with the absence of a strong central Islamic state at the time, even Moslem pilgrims on their way to Mecca were being slaughtered by unruly nomadic marauders, and thus highway robbery was a common trait of the time. But religious fanatics are ready to take advantage of the prevailing circumstances and tickle the inherent spiritual drive that is found in human nature to suit their own gestation of Divine deliverance. This is true of many religious persuasions (including Islam), although the Islamic “Jihad” activists tend to be motivated by a real existing threat or oppression faced by Moslems, and never have genuine Jihad activists dared to cross the red lines of conscientious conduct (even Saladin in his wars against the Crusaders). As for many of the present “Jihad” activists, who are at the forefront of a dubious effort to distort the teachings of Islam, their origin is still dubious and many Moslems realize them to be no more than an extension of clandestine efforts by the enemies of Islam to discredit the teachings of Islam and are part of a long drawn out campaign to fulfill a Zionist – evangelical agenda, that was taken over from an earlier similar drive unleashed by the British Empire.
Lt. General William Boykin, the Deputy Undersecretary of Intelligence in the Department of Defense in the Bush Administration (II), has now declared himself to be the new savior of Christianity and wants to lead a new Christian Crusade against “Satan” and the heathens that are now threatening the West. Mind you, it is the Zionist intruders into the Holy Land that have desecrated the Christian Churches that existed peacefully in the Land of Palestine for centuries under Islamic rule, even those left over by the Crusades launched by Pope Urban II. But that does not seem to bother the evangelical dogmatists that are even more Zionist than the Zionist trespassers in the Holy Land. In fact they regard this ugly intrusion as “holy” and a part of the human destiny laid out by God Al-Mighty. God forbid that He should ever condone any form of suffering upon mankind eminating from any persuasion. We must come to terms with the fact that any oppression unleashed against any human beings is indeed the work of Satan (including the misdeeds of politicians and demagogues). God should never be associated with the evil intents of arrogant chauvinists, who claim to have a license to kill, maim and render people homeless. But Pope Urban III (Boykin) insists that Satan must be pursued in the Near East and wherever Islam has been peacefully implanted (To the dismay of many chroniclers, who sought to claim otherwise, Islam denounces forced conversion, since this conversion is usually heartless and does not provide the right moral foundations for true adherence to the faith). Yet Lt. General Boykin desires for the rejuvenation of the Inquisition and other pogroms that sought to solidify Christianity's hold on any territory by the outright slaughter of any non-adherents to the Cross. This is the kind of rhetoric that the unethical right wing – Zionist coalition is disseminating in the United States and is posing a real danger to any hopes of a peaceful world, where all religious, ethnic and racial cohesion should be an essential theme for human existence. What would prompt such a senior well positioned icon of the New Crusades to make such threatening remarks, at this time, is no more than an effort to nurture the hate mongering drives of these conservative iconoclasts, who have a very itchy craving for conflict and wars as the only basis for achieving their political ambitions. There is nothing dissimilar in what Boykin was preaching than what was propagated by former President Slobodan Melosovich, of Yugoslavia, who sought to rid Europe of “Moslem fundamentalists” by propagating the rape of Moslem women and desecration of Moslem mosques, not to mention the ethnic cleansing of an entire nation.
In this context, we should have no choice but return to the defense of what Mr. Mahatamir Mohammed of Malaysia said, when he pointed out that indeed Western thought is vastly being influenced by Zionist demagoguery in a disguised evangelical clout. Indeed, this is also the “right speech at the right time”.