Halliburton, Cheney and the Iraq master plan [Archives:2003/643/Opinion]

June 19 2003

Yahya Abdo Omar
The UK

The well written article titled Am I an Unpatriotic Traitor” by Ed Hanratty in the June 16th addition quotes the following. “That the only people happier about the collapse of Saddam's regime then Halliburton were the Shiite fundamentalists inside Iraq. Mr. Hanratty should have expanded some more in regards to the American company Halliburton, as this is the essence of America declaring war on the Iraqi people.
Both George Bush and his VP Dick Cheney made their fortunes in the oil and gas industry. Dick Cheney, with the oil field giant Halliburton. One of Halliburton's subsidiaries is a construction company called Kellogg Brown and Root. Both Halliburton with its vast experience in oil production and drilling had equipment and personnel along with its construction subsidiary massed on the Kuwaiti side of the border, waiting like vultures for the time they could move into Iraq. Surprise surprise! No contracts or tenders were issued for either divisions of the company to commence work rebuilding what the American President and VP wanted destroyed. Thousands of bombs and missiles were dropped totally destroying the Iraqi infrastructure, with thousands of innocent civilians killed and injured. I can almost hear Dick Cheney saying “Bomb a little bit longer”, after all, the more they bombed, the more Halliburton will have to rebuild making the company – not forgetting bomber Dick- a fortune. This is what the invasion was all about. Weapons of mass destruction were a ploy for Halliburton, Dick Cheney and a few other oil rich moguls to mass a larger fortune. They didn't care about how many of our Muslim brothers and sisters they killed destroying factories, power stations, etc.
Halliburton have offices in every Gulf State, including Yemen. We should show our repulsion to this company, with its most despicable form of corruption by expelling this pariah from Yemen. This is the least we can do to show our support for the innocent lives lost in the prolonged and unnecessary bombing of Iraq.