Here we go again! [Archives:2003/648/Opinion]

July 7 2003

While the United States is celebrating its Independence Day in boisterous displays of merriment and fireworks, the Iraqi people are barely able to find the spirit of life, let alone the spirit of joy and merriment. But at least, the fireworks are still flaring in Iraq, but they are not fireworks of celebration, but rather the fireworks of death and destruction as American might is challenged by a strong popular Iraqi resistance against foreign occupation. We forewarned that the American occupation of Iraq was not going to be a picnic by any means, and that the United States really had no business entering Iraq, as it really does not serve the interests of the Iraqi people and surely not the overall interests of the American people. But the right-wing policy makers, who probably have no idea that there is no mercy brought with foreign occupation, no matter what the pretentious motives are too busy enjoying playing their strategic war games and implementing the wishes of their superiors in the military industrial complex.
Maybe on this Fourth of July celebration, the American people will come to realize that it is understandable why American lives are being lost every day and many more are being injured. Yet, surprisingly the pretentious game will drag on for some time to come, just as much as the Afghanistan adventure is dragging on, with no end in sight. After hearing the sudden voice of Saddam appear again (remember the Ben Laden tapes after the “victory” in Afghanistan?), one wonders if there is not so much a relationship between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda, but rather, that both are really all being pulled by the same covert strings! People should not be so naive as not to wonder about the same pattern of behavior and events and ask if they do not emanate from the same roots, notwithstanding their different outward appearances.
The recorded tape scenarios has raised more questions about the likely motives behind the latest American adventures in Central Asia and the Middle East than they have answered. Obviously, to many, it seems that characters like Ben Laden and Saddam Hussein are actually allowed to continue to play roles for maintaining the wily adventures of various powerful interest groups that have come to dominate world events. Such covert operations are based on the assumption that by the creation of such scenarios they can continue to play their war games and vast spending sprees, while the American taxpayer pays the price, both in money and American lives that are lost. It should be worthwhile to note that the colonial taxpayers in the former “Thirteen Colonies”, whichy made up the nucleus of the United States, went into rebellion because they were being taxed by the British Crown, without having a say as to where those taxes are going or how they are being spent. What happened to the American desire for accountability and demand for transparency? Hundreds of billions of tax dollars are being spent by crazy right wing elements allied with an international Zionist establishment, who think they are now in command of enough power to dictate the course that the world should take, notwithstanding the vast deficits this leads to in the US Budget. In the meantime the American people fall privy to senseless rhetoric about spreading democracy and freedom throughout the world, i.e. the American people are misled into believing that they are investing in the liberation of the world. But what is this liberation from? It is from the same authoritarian regimes previously set up by previous American foreign policy makers, who again sat in their large operations rooms, amidst giant regional maps, moving awesome military agglomerations here and there, and signing on the invoices of their friends in the military industrial complex. Who will be naive not to believe that Ben Laden and Saddam Hussein are not different manifestations of the same covert roots? We certainly applaud the American people's desire to liberate the world from oppression, in all its forms, but should that liberation be limited to such bizarre rooted regimes as that of the Taliban and the Ba'ath Party of Iraq, both of which were supported and even enhanced by American covert activities. How is it that Ben Laden and Saddam Hussein can manage to find a way out of such massive American war power, which has been sent to “eliminate”, while many of their own underlings are unable to find any means of escape? Yet the whereabouts of the two remains unknown, even with such lucrative prizes as US $ 25 Million (just to confirm if they are dead!). Notice that the price tag is the same for both Ben Laden and Saddam? One is truly amused by such covert theatrics, and wonders what the fate of the future will turn out to be when taxpayers of free nations are truly left on the sidelines without wondering as to what is being done with their tax dollars. Wasn't that what the Fourth of July was really all about?