Hezbollah Has Unified the Islamic World [Archives:2006/969/Opinion]

August 3 2006

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
Amid all the clandestine efforts to bring disunity and sectoral clashes between Moslems, the one thing that has materialized out of the tragic violence in Lebanon is that all these dubious efforts were doomed to failure from the start. It is not important now to go back into the background of these mischievous efforts to throw the Moslem World into senseless clashes that have been partially responsible for the sad situation the Moslem World is facing now, and for which hundreds of billions of dollars has been spent. Even Al-Qaeda has been forced to reluctantly abandon its once open sectarian rhetoric as can be seen from the last tapes of Ayman Al-Dhawahiri (presumed No. 2 man in Al-Qaeda) four days ago. What is important to realize is that Hezbollah, by its stubborn stance against the Spartan military fortress of Israel, has shown most Moslems of the world that they can stand up to the threats facing the Moslem World by hitting – and hitting hard – at the very source of a substantial amount of the evil befalling the Moslem World = and for the matter, the world at large. Yes, Israel has been proven again to be the exact opposite of all that its proponents and the international Zionist establishment have made it out to be.

It is first of all fragile and timid and moreover scared. Yes, notwithstanding the might of the arsenal that Israel possesses, the very nature of its being and existence force upon it a perpetual aura of fear that its very legitimacy can be indeed challenged. This is the more so, when considering that this legitimacy is really based on a combination of an ongoing horrendous misuse of power and an unlimited reliance on deception and fraudulent public relations. Thus, when Hezbollah has threatened its interior with Kayushas and other long-range missiles (which incidentally are lobbed with the utmost of care to minimize civilian deaths; i.e. as a psychological deterrent as the statistics that follow will show, all this force is unable to prevent the Israeli citizenry from being forced to live in bomb shelters for an indefinite period of time, thus freezing all their capacity for continued economic sustainability. In addition, the myth that Israel is a haven for fun and pleasure, while its armed forces unleash their ordnance of hatred and chauvinism upon the long-standing victims of Israeli aggression since Israel was created, the indigenous population of Palestine is now shattered. No, it is no longer wise to consider Israel immune to receiving a (mild) dose of its own medicine, although this dose has been unleashed as a calculated retaliation for Israel having foolishly reverted to the very same bloodthirsty tactics on its Lebanese neighbors. Thus, Hezbollah has broken down another of the long standing Israeli myths that Israel is a civilized state and a symbol of all the humanitarian virtues of “western civilization””. A correspondent of the BBC was asked to confirm the lies that Hezbollah is using the civilians as human shields and hiding behind humanitarian relief convoys