History repeats itself, and another empire awaits its eminent fall:Occupiers of glorious capital will not go unpunished [Archives:2003/655/Opinion]

July 31 2003

Sameer Ahmed Annozaili
[email protected]
Faculty of Arts,
University of Ibb

“The capital has fallen.” said a man to the others who were at that small cafe in the city center of Sana'a. He said the sentence with all the sadness and frustration in the world. He was watching awful scenes on TV of the fall of the deeply-rooted Arab capital Baghdad. That capital, which was one day the heart of the Middle East and the beacon of sciences and arts, has indeed fallen to the American forces.
Even though I watched the same scenes of the dramatic fall of Baghdad in that very cafe, I felt everlasting pain inside when I heard the man shouting that sentence. Never in my life have I felt so in pained, even when comparing to Israeli aggressions and occupation of Palestine.

“It is the beginning to signal the fall of the whole Arab world!” another customer shouted in the cafe. It hurt me even further, as if I was stabbed with a poisonous dagger for the second time.

What are those opinions? What are those men thinking about?

Suppose that an Arab capital has fallen, but does this mean the fall of the whole Arab entity? It this possible?

It may be true that these occupying forces are much more powerful in military might and technology, but events proved that they are the worst in courage and belief.

History also taught us that force alone is never enough.

Let's have a look in history

The Roman Empire had a mammoth army.

The Persians controlled half of the world one day.

Napoleon Bonaparte ruled Egypt with his cannons.

Great British ruled Aden for 128 years,

USSR was, one day, one of the greatest forces in the world.

But they all eventually fell and all their empires collapsed, routed out and defeated.

I wonder: which country will be the next in line? said another customer in the cafe with emotions of sadness and frustration.

I left the cafe in order not to hear any more comments or frustration-driven sentences that express hopelessness and defeat of a captured great Arab capital.

But looking at news today, at the same cafe, and at the same capital, there is news of resistance. This resistance, I believe, will never end. It will stay for as long as occupation lasts.

History suggests that nations with solidity and resistance grow faster and stronger for as long as occupiers are in their land. Ask the Palestine people and they will endorse this conclusion.

Occupiers can take our land, but they can never influence or change our will and beliefs.

Just as resistance never dies, it is also the beginning of true freedom.

Baghdad may have fallen, but deep inside, I believe it will be free again. Why? Because, if a nation truly wants to live, then their destiny will certainly give way to their freedom. And those who occupied glorious Baghdad will not go unpunished.