How about a friend who appears when not needed? [Archives:2008/1196/Opinion]

September 6 2008

Nashwan Al-Sumairi
After a long history full of everyday life experiences, we may be forced to exaggerate in our ideal understanding of friendship until we take a genuine position with which brightness of friendship vanishes. The primary reason behind this is that we may lose our ideal realization of friendship on the ground without any preceding warning, particularly as most of our friendship has changed into a quantity of individual obligations. These obligations spiritually and materialistically proceed on a single direction in favor of friends who we don't find whenever we need them.

I personally admit that I am one of those who have given up the absolute and ideal concept of friendship for a considerable time period after the course of time deceived my ability to understand and realize due to the above-said reason.

Our surprise may be so great whenever we learn that some of us have removed the stone of friendship that may arise for the time being because we don't build “true friendship”. This is not because “true friendship” can be truly built, but it is built on a foundation of sand that may be swiftly swept by 'water' of personal interests, cheating or private accounts.

Anyone, who is adventurous in building friendship, chooses a very difficult and complicated bet and assumes a hard responsibility during a hard time and in a hard place.

Amid this gloominess, we see a glimpse of hope, which should be reflected in our hard efforts and attempts to understand an amazing bond of friendship. How can we do this? The answer to this question must be written in soccer-related language because friendship may sometimes come in the injury time of our game.

And, as we don't necessarily understand the world of spirits and how these spirits come together or split, we are not serious and frank in interpreting ambiguous facts surrounding us on the ground.

As we don't possess full reality, nor can we do so, we may discover the remaining answer to the above-mentioned question once in the future, which is due to be evidently reflected in an image of unique friendship that brings us mutual psychological, emotional and human interest of a young nature and development.

Nice moments immortalize in our spirits

We learned from life that nice moments, even if they come and then disappear like a silver lining, get immortalized deeply in our spirits, thus ringing a nice bell in the world of forgetfulness. Due to this, some of us feel sad over these short moments, and they only remember when they were turned off and vanished, thereby implying only the tragic aspect of these moments.

If we are attracted by laws of the contemporary game and the earthly habit of union and separation, we should accept any available challenge in order to gather our scattered realizations of real friendship and its existence. We needn't fear failure or any remorseful allegations, which, for us, mean nothing after our experiences that are full of failed and successful friendships get lost.

Whenever we succeed in restoring brightness to the meaning of friendship in our communities, our feeling of satisfaction will appear very scant, particularly if we compare it with our feeling of happiness while reaping fruits of our adventures. We easily reap fruits of our adventures because we turned to be a source of satisfaction and happiness for others.

Having pushed one of our friends and encouraged him/her to understand the real meaning of friendship, this implies that we took a decisive step forward in our march toward complete satisfaction.