How fundamental are “fundamentalist Moslems”? [Archives:2003/652/Opinion]”

July 21 2003

This observer was struck by two items last week that are surely worth comment by any Moslem who has a sense of the real fundamentals of Islam and is disturbed by the ugly misconceptions that are being propagated by so called fundamentalists, who have taken it upon themselves to act on behalf of the Lord to pass judgment on not only on their fellow men, but even on their fellow Moslems. The first was the disturbing shocking news that a bunch of mentally deranged hooligans went into a mosque in Karachi where hundreds of faithful Moslems were carrying out their prayers. Once inside they let loose a random barrage of gunfire and explosive ordnance that took the lives of some 50 fellow Moslems and injured hundreds of others. Let us make it clear that, by this horrible act and any other horrible acts they have undertaken before, these murderers have come out of the fold of the faithful. This disturbing news surely does not speak very well of these hate mongers among these fanatic Moslems, who have took it upon themselves to eliminate all that is good in Islam and project an ugly image of Islam that they will in the end be accountable for and be damned in hell forever. There is absolutely no fundamental root in Islam that justifies such insanity whatsoever. These people and those who stand behind them are nothing but deranged morons, who have been given arms and money to distort the image of Islam and create great schisms amongst the faithful grassroots of Islam throughout the world, thus serving the purposes of the enemies of Islam so faithfully. The object of this bloody madness is to implant sectarian strife among Moslems so as to have Moslems busy themselves with trivial conflicts that do not serve the religion or the faithful in anyway whatsoever.
All faithful Moslems should condemn such horrible acts and declare them out of the context of anything that is attributable to Islam. In fact they should damn the perpetrators of such maniacal act and demand that people in every Moslem country, who fall within such organized cliques (unfortunately such maniacs have been allowed to become organized in almost every Moslem country thanks to the petrodollars that have been funneled to plant such clandestine gangs) be eliminated once and for all.
Isn't it enough all the damage such distorted freaks “in Islam” have caused to the nation? In fact, all the suffering that the Moslems are presently undergoing from Chechnya to South Africa and from New York to the Philippines (going Eastward) stem from two sources: these freaky clandestine “fundamentalists” who have wreaked havoc throughout the world and which Islam is completely innocent of and the rulers of most of the Moslem world, who have failed to create the proper political and social environment that would not provide the breeding grounds for such horrible renditions of “Islam” to generate, if they have not themselves have not helped in their development (with returns of funding and political support).
Another incident involves a report on “Tableegh Jameat”, which is a missionary group that supposedly aims for the propagation of Islam among Moslems and non-Moslems alike. This so called fundamentalist group has been in existence for some seventy years, starting in the Indian Sub-continent and spreading throughout the world, with obvious funding from petrodollars. While the group seeks to project a supposedly fundamental platform, following in the footsteps of the “Prophet Mohammed (PAUH) and his early followers” (we are not aware that these early predecessors wore baggy pants and beards that hung to their knees), it seems to instill many misguided notions of Islam that unfortunately lead to the fanaticism that we see in Algeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries, where such notions have been allowed to become standard norms amongst followers of such fanatics. One corny illustration of these fanatics was a lecture given by one of their supposedly learned “clerics” (there are no clerics in Islam) to a few women, with the man sitting in one room and his women listeners sitting in another room with both rooms locked up and God knows who was holding the key!. If that is not one of the corniest renditions of Islam that one has ever heard of, then what is it? Mind you, this is happening in the United States of all places. Yet, this group seeks to project an image of innocence and downright piety, while it is noted that many of the known hardcore radical fanatics that have carried senseless acts of violence emanate from this so called missionary group. What is amazing is that this group has branches throughout the world and obviously has ample funds for its seemingly innocent programs.
It is time that Moslems throughout the world rise up against such small groups that have been able to recruit and brainwash thousands in their fold, and allowed to set up armed paramilitary operations wherever they exist. It is also time to reinstill an important fundamental of Islam amongst all Moslems, which is found in the Quran: “Whosoever kills a soul, is like one who kills every soul on Earth and whosoever gives life to a soul is like one who gives life to every soul on Earth”, this includes all souls, Moslem and non-Moslem. We therefore can't think of anything more fundamental than this for these so called fundamentalists to learn and abide by before they can ever be labeled as “fundamentalists”.