How much right is right for America? [Archives:2003/646/Opinion]

June 30 2003

There is an obvious danger looming in the horizons that the United States is being directed towards a mysterious unpredictable future that could be a dangerous threat not only to the American people, but to the world at large. If the feedback we are getting from readers in the United States, who despite their long diatribes and curses and neo-fascist attitudes, are any indication, than all one can do is pray that the American people realize that what is going on in the United States, would make the McCarthy period seem like child's play. Paul Krugman and Slate Magazine Chatterbox ( and many other American writers are beginning to take note of the fact that there is a powerful right wing machinery that has been allowed to hold sway, which will work to destroy anyone that dares dispute any of its orientations to serve the various narrow interests that stand behind this arrogant right wing movement. We understand what this means, because we see this right wing machinery working hard to direct its venomous hate not just against Americans, who rightfully ponder, what is going on in America? Should Americans be deceived and allow this right wing machinery to have its way, without facing any accountability or even questioned about its misdeeds and poor credibility? Yes, the attacks continue to be launched against the Yemen Times and its editors from various sources and different addresses in a well-synchronized effort to discredit this humble paper that seeks to project a fair perspective of all the views on the various issues looming in the world. If Mr. Bush happens to be a serious issue nowadays confronting the whole world, who are these dubious critics that are launching their undisguised hate rhetoric in all directions, to leave “their President alone”, as if he stands above criticism and above the law and above the United Nations and against all the world leaders from Nelson Mandela to Jacques Chirac, who we all know are honorable men. This is not to mention the great artists and writers like Harry Belafonte and Truman Capote and journalists like Paul Krugman, and Hamdi Qindeel (of Egypt) and others, who are rightly worried about the trend that is beginning to become prominent in the United States. Who is behind this serious turn in American politics, where there has appeared even calls for one party rule in the Untied States as noted by Paul Krugman of the New York Times?
We in the Yemen Times, however, find it commendable that this right wing machine in the United States regards us in league with all those who are voicing their opinions, without regard to the ugly prejudices and hate venom set loose against not just the Yemen Times, but the entire Arab and Moslem Nation. This only confirms that the right wing machine in America has found comfort in aligning itself with the international Zionist establishment, and accordingly has demanded to dictate to the whole world how to conduct national foreign policies, with the only criteria being that it must be favorable to this Zionist establishment. Otherwise the American powerful right wing machinery will unleash its diatribe against French Champagne and will suggest to you that even their closest ally, the United Kingdom is being bribed by Iran (D. Lynch letter dated July 24, 2003). Now it is becoming ever so clear that if it does not conform to the wishes of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith or the United Jewish Appeal, than be ready for the threats from Colin Powell, Condolena Rice and D. Lynch and co. It is indeed an ugly machinery that seeks to enforce its will upon not only the American people, but the world at large.
We in the Yemen Times are going to remain oblivious to these ugly, but still manageable attacks, by people who have many free hours to while away writing long letters of non-sense that only reflect in live form the kind of ugly rhetoric, which this powerful right wing machinery, as Paul Krugman of the New York Times calls it, has decided to unjustly leash against our humble paper, as we are sure it is doing against all those, who wish to have the truth prevail and ensure that freedom remain a God -given right that no one can take away from man, even if they claim to be siding “with the Chosen People of God”, and expect by this to be rewarded for their Godless reaping of chaos and havoc throughout the world.
We are sure that these long letters are well paid for, either politically or financially, so if we have helped in this regard than we have indeed served your purposes well.
Honest journalists throughout the world are expressing their right to speak on behalf of free public opinion and not the kind of guided hate attacks that we have been getting in a well-coordinated effort to discredit our print as fiction, when in fact it is this powerful right wing machinery that has been producing all the fiction the world has been getting and they themselves have proven are nothing but lies, lies and more lies.