How ungrateful can one get! [Archives:2008/1148/Opinion]

April 21 2008

Perhaps no people have made it so easy for the International Zionist Movement to plant its cancerous entity in the midst of a generally peace-loving people like those of the Middle East as the American people have. For sure, if it was not for the unbending support of the succeeding American Administrations, the world would be far better off without the existence of this serpent of evil that unleashes its venom throughout the world.. From Woodrow Wilson to the most open zealot of all American supporters of Israel, George W. Bush, the current President of the United States, Israel would have been wiped out of the map a long time ago, as all trespassers should be. But, it seems that the Americans are now getting a real good taste of the way the International Zionist Movement appreciates this unabashed support. They could have asked the former Zionist guardians, the British, who had been earlier blessed with the God despised mission of sponsoring this heathenous Zionist culture. Hundreds of the former custodians and former protectors from the British armed forces and security apparatuses were slaughtered at the hands of Zionist demagogues in Palestine and elsewhere in appreciation for the calamity they brought into being in the Holy Land.

So now it is the Americans, who shall get a generous portion of this form of Zionist appreciation. No one will be spared this great adulation that the Zionist ugly machine will exude to its sponsors and supporters without hesitation. One only can see how this dreadful venom that has eaten away at the fabrics of societies throughout the world , exerts every effort to make sure that even former Presidents of the United States are accorded the miserable mean cold shoulder of this heinous monstrosity that has been implanted in every meaningful corner of the world. Mr. Jimmy Carter might even get killed as he hopelessly tries to spread his mission of peace. Of course, after making sure that all protection is denied to this missionary of kindness and true believer in God's message of peace, albeit in its Christian context, and for all one knows, he might just enter the roll of hundreds of martyrs (Christians, Moslems and even Jews), who valiantly stood up to say that these criminals are not what God has in mind for the world to digest. There are definitely better ways to reflect God's will on this planet. Just look at what they are doing in Gaza (and then claim that it is the Palestinians who are besieging themselves!) Just look at the millions of cluster bomb ordnances that are scattered all over Southern Lebanon, still keeping the Zionist killing machine in operation after its cowardly armed forces decided that they were not at par with a small band of guerillas, who have out skilled their Zionist enemies in every field of modern warfare, while still being far from matching their more heavily armed adversaries. Ask the many thousands of academicians and any seeker of distinguished public service in the United States how much pressure they are subjected to if they dare divert from acceptable Zionist norms. Worse than that, God help them if they raise an eyebrow or bend their face in amazement at the evils of the Zionist machinery.

I quote from a very credible comrade in the journalistic and academic trade:

“One cannot imagine the kind of pressure that people who dare speak the truth about the tragedy that is unfolding in the Holy Land. They (The Zionist Lobby) actually have implanted a ';student' in my classroom