Human development [Archives:2006/1007/Opinion]

December 14 2006

Issam Hussein Al-Matari
The human development in its comprehensive concept has many definitions but the functional definition is the best of all definitions. It stipulates a functional definition for development in that it is the development of people by means of people and for people. The human, according to this functional definition of development, become the object of means and goal of the modern comprehensive development with all its real dimensions and frames.

Out of this precept the countries that are considered today at the level of the advanced states due to the importance of the human have directed attention to develop by achieving integration in all fields and at different levels of life in general. There is no development but with the human and leading him to certain stage, the stage of giving without waiting for the material wages, but rather seeking the moral other. It is because that action is for satisfying the Almighty God and comforting the conscience against blaming and very accountability of the soul.

The development situation would not be fully accomplished, but through the development of the human and his qualification for dealing under important and great new consequences and variables. The first thing focused on in the human development is to position the man face to face with moral and ethical development to ensure healthiness of individuals in the bigger society free from diseases and ills.

For the realization and achievement of wise human development it is possible to establish general societies and forums for human development and also opening institutes teaching human development covering many of its multilateral and diversified aspects.

It is imperative that the house should contribute side by side with human institutes, societies and forums in an idealistic and developed manner in many of various aspects. Also, we must not forget the role of modern schools in the active and effective contribution in the human development. It is also imperative not to neglect the role of cultural and sport clubs in the human development as well as the role of societies with their various modern specializations.