I am disappointed in you [Archives:2004/774/Opinion]

September 20 2004

Sean Bowman
[email protected]

I have read the Yemen Times for over a year now, and for the first time, I am very disappointed in your newspaper.
What is the cause for my disappointment? Publishing a trashy op-ed from some random website by a name named John Kaminski and saying it's the “American Viewpoint.” It is obvious the man has not even glanced at the 9/11 Commission Report, which divulges in complete detail what happened on that tragic day. There is no way hundreds, if not thousands of people could have been in on such a conspiracy, and made up the elaborate story given in that report.
The reason I am disappointed is you are just developing silly myths and conspiracies that run amok in the Middle East. Arabs, in general, need to take account for their actions and not blame others. I have spent extensive time in both Yemen and the Arab world, and fully realize 99% of the people are not like those terrorists that carried out that awful deed.
Nevertheless, I am frustrated by the lack of anger and condemnation from Arabs. They need to look in the mirror and figure out why such evil men have come from their society. Instead, many come up with scapegoats such as Mossad or even China or Russia. The result of this is more anger from Americans and worse relations between both sides. Unfortunately neither group can afford things to deteriorate further; already innocent people are dying because of these misunderstandings between the Arab world and the West.