I won’t drink from seawater [Archives:2008/1146/Opinion]

April 14 2008

Jamal Jubran
[email protected]

For me, I am not ready to drink from the Arab Sea or the Red Sea under any circumstance due to health reasons, and not for reasons related with rejecting desire of Mr. President, who called on those objecting to the dire situation in the country to drink from seawater.

First, I suffer high blood pressure, which I genetically inherited from my mother, thereby preventing me to drink from seawater. Second, my kidney is ailing due to multiple problems. Surely, water from the Arab Sea or the Red Sea will not help cure my ailing kidney. Seawater will be – in case I drink from it – a primary factor in worsening my kidney problems. This salty water will also hinder me from becoming a healthy and productive citizen having the capacity to serve his homeland and defend its unity and protect it from any hostile plots. I want to be a healthy citizen in order to protect my homeland unity from highway gangs and thieves of child milk and bread.

Therefore, I will never drink from seawater in order to protect my health first, as well as make a modest and simple service for the future of this country whose citizens are suffering from numerous chronic diseases and pressing problems.

In fact, I was not surprised by Mr. President's statement saying “Those objecting to the current situation in the country may drink from the Red Sea or the Arab Sea.” Such statements are usually repeated in many occasions. What really surprised me and infected my stomach with ulcer are the various articles and writings in the official newspapers interpreting Mr. President's statement in a way different from what we understood.

Long essays and reports seemed to be playing the role of a defense-advocate and the last defense line for Mr. President. All these writings explained that Mr. President doesn't mean what his statement means, adding that such a statement was manipulated by those who heard it. They ultimately confirmed that Mr. President is right and credible while in fact we are the cause of the problem. Our problem is that we don't hear or understand well.

This reminded me of a joke when someone went to the engineer to have a problem in his Television receiver fixed. Unfortunately, the engineer was not professional or competent enough to fix the problem. After two days, the man paid the engineer for the repair and took his T.V. receiver home. Having it switched on, the equipment remained on for only five minutes for the problem to occur once again. The man then returned to the engineer and informed him of what happened but the engineer told him, “Your T.V. is working but you can't watch well.”

I admit that this is a futile joke, but it at least fits the futile situation we are living. Only such jokes can speak of our miserable conditions, sufferings and poor living standards.

There is nothing worse than a corrupt tenure, hypocrite officials and perjurers, who are only concerned about beatifying image of the miserable and dire situation, and transferring it into a paradise before eyes of the ruler.

Source: Marebpress.net