IAEC holds part of answerWhat’s in Iran’s future? [Archives:2003/694/Opinion]

December 15 2003

Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

Sometimes I think how sincere and friendly Muslims are unlike the Western countries. Because this is no more a hidden fact that when Iran was accused of developing Uranium enrichment, the foreign ministers of France, Germany and UK reportedly flew to Tehran in order to advise the Iranian authorities to sign up the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and that all of its nuclear related hideouts be opened for the inspection of IAEC (International Atomic Energy Committee), apart from being urged to brief the Committee members of what it has rendered so far. They pledged that they would help Iran with the context of provision of all atomic equipment within the sphere of international laws.
Therefore, Iran relying on them poured out its heart to them, provided all information they needed to know about its suspicious and mysterious nuclear arsenals by opening almost all its atomic power plants etc, assuring them that they could inspect the installations anytime if need be. Even later, Iran is said to have announced to roll back its programme by handing over the controversial stuff to the IAEC.
Well, the honourable members of IAEC headed by its chairman, ElBarade visited Iran where they were taken around to all atomic power plants and showed them whatever they wanted to view and inspect with their naked eyes. But ironically, IAEC underlined in its report that since Iran had been working on nuclear power plants for the past 18 years and accumulated some quantity of nuclear stuff, therefore, it has lied about its programme, keeping everything hidden and suggested a legal proceeding against the country.
France, Germany and United Kingdom were extremely annoyed by the findings of the report, and suggested that a resolution be passed in the Security Council against Iran's sheer violation and its white lies. You see all the assurances, pledges and promises, which they had made with Iran before the inspection, evaporated in no time. What Iran was assured was that “what happened so happened and now let's go to open a new chapter of friendship.” In fact, Iran despite its internal differences over the inspection had agreed to accept all the terms and conditions, but the West has gone back on its word! And that's the nature of the West, but shamefully, we are still relying on her!
Now a resolution is offing in UN to this effect, while US says that if Iran has been lying for the last 18 years, then what's its guarantee that it won't lie again in future? To be brief, through such tactics Iran is being trapped and see what happens next. But Iran has warned them of dire consequences in case of any aggression.
What I concluded from what happened to Iran in dramatic way is that Iran has surely disclosed everything to IAEC and it is possible that it has also confided to them that Russia, China and Pakistan are the helpers who aided her in this regard, that's why IAEC has finally pressed fingers on the aides. Moreover, IAEC is accused of playing a role of spy/detective for the West and surely they might have given a green signal to US to act as Iran is at the moment not so dangerous as they had taken it earlier.
However, as regards Russia and China, needless to say, both are the permanent members of Security Council and of course US cannot do anything else against them, but what is embarrassing is that Pakistan may now be dealt with all means. Because it has already developed what is forbidden for the Third World countries to possess.
Now the President Pervez Musharraf, I believe, cannot get out of the latest situation, Pakistan will be accused of assisting North Korea, Iran and now some Arab States too.
Finally, let me ask Uncle Sam why he has been keeping meaningful silence over India and Israel? I mentioned in my previous letters that Uncle Sam is a coward who cannot stand to open threat, like North Korea openly threatened a forceful retaliation if US goes against the former.
Just imagine the spirit of patriotism is found in non-Muslim (North Koreans) who are ready to do anything for their survival, while Pakistan? What if we have a powerful and united army in the world? What if we have bigger piles of missiles and nuclear weapons? Is it not shameless to keep moving back like a nervous man who despite having a loaded AK-47 in his hand but unable to press the trigger of his gun.