Immortality of war [Archives:2006/980/Opinion]

September 11 2006

Sameer Abdul Haq
It is note worthy that Israel is accustomed to policies that serve its expansionism strategy and the Arabs have grown accustomed to surrendering to these for they are incapable of confronting aggressive invasion in the region. The last war Hezbollah entered with Israel despite unequal and unbalanced forces brought a new fighting strategy and resulted in a victory for Hezbollah. The international community was absent in the field so Israel and America have to meet the Arabs and Muslims separately one country after the other starting in Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon of which these countries look difficult to control and subject to America's policy. It is a sign that such wars and invasions might extend to Syria, Iran and other countries they accuse to be evil.

Actually, president Ali Abdullah Saleh, God bless him, has shown a positive standpoint in this unfair war against Lebanon which proves his originality, dignity, pride and trustworthiness in taking sides with the Arab nation. He also transferred the one billion riyals allocated for his election campaign to his Arab brothers in Palestine and Lebanon.

During Khalid Mashal's last visit to Sana'a in March, I had the honor to meet the solid veteran who looked a giant as we have known him. I would have liked to have said: “I swear if you had not persisted in refusing to disarm the arms of the national resistance and your insistence on non-confession to Israel, I would have thought that Hamas to assume power had been only a conspiracy plotted by internationals so as to surrender that result in ending the Palestinian issue.” Thank God for resistance and patience despite the pressures faced.

In Lebanon, all such false calculations of the foe have fallen and the Lebanese adhere all their factions and ethnics to national unity to preserve dignity. The Lebanese in all their wars with Israel prove to be brave and daring and do not surrender. The Lebanese gave an unforgettable lesson to all in how to love their homeland and fight for its dignity. Once again, I want to talk about the westerners who seem to be protectors of human values, progress, liberty and justice. I want to remind them history confirms there were civilizations but they prevailed and ended up with failure and definitely one day shall come for Israel of which we all know it harms America's interests guiding their foreign policy towards more faults besides deepening the conflict between the Muslims and America. They forget Muslims were the ones who stopped the spread of communism in the world. It is not exaggeration to say that the Muslims were behind the collapse of communist bloc – America's old foe.

The world is astonished for the calls of the westerners toward a dialogue of cultures and civilizations. They forget such silence towards ongoing destruction in Lebanon is regarded one of the most dangerous points in a failure of such dialogue. The prime minister was sound in his point a year ago during an interview with one of the Gulf newspapers in which he asked for a dialogue of cultures in lieu of enmity and a war culture. He added that human dialogue is necessary and urgent and the essential title of the issue is to establish “a dialogue culture” launching from the principles of liberty, democracy and human rights. He said, “Lets establish a dialogue culture as a human joint concept denouncing violence and overwhelming policies. Lets embody the values of tolerance and principles of peace and fraternity among the human race on this planet.”

Actually, this is true of what we have noticed lately occurring which devote such a concept. The inhumane practice of war reflects immorality and barbaric actions against the civilians and children of Kana and southern districts in Lebanon. Enmity and tension relations between the followers of the various religions will create a critical situation difficult to tackle while inhumane acts will remain deep in the human conscience and with successive generations bringing bloodshed and massacre to innocent victims of immoral wars. On the other hand, there is no logical justification for killing and memorials shall increase starting from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, A'amyria shelter and Kana.

Does Israel believe it shall be safe if it attempts to attack Iran after its war with Hezbollah? I don't understand the strategy leaders of Israel follow. Supposing Israel is arrogant and attempts to attack Iran. What will happen? There is no war without huge loss and both sides have strong capabilities entering a war. Why do the Israelis build up their strategy on the policy of containment? There one can observe an Islamic state as Pakistan also has nuclear weapons, but it does not assault or attack anyone.

The rest of the world needs to see Israel's destructive actions and their lack of consideration for human lives. They know nothing about history of peoples and even the local geography. They have no respect for the culture and ancient ruins of other nations of which all religions including theirs have respect. They occupied the land of prophets and the cradle of civilizations and the whole Europe watched. We say the Palestinians and Lebanese shall definitely resist despite sacrificing thousands of innocent souls. We are the nation of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon his soul) and we are believers of his doctrine.

Sameer Abdul Haq is a senior specialist of premier office.