In defense of Hezbollah and the truth [Archives:2003/655/Opinion]

July 31 2003

Notwithstanding the tragic circumstances arising out of 9/11/2001, one is inclined to believe that that the United States is falling into the trap of associating anything Islamic with terrorism. Thus, the American are only falling into the false and devious assumptions that the Israelis and their Zionist friends throughout the world are promoting: a generic smear campaign against Moslems in general. One of these false assumptions is that Moslems who are organized and fighting for a cause are automatically lobbed as terrorists. Second of all, the Israelis are presented as being the sole defenders of freedom and “western values”, for all they are worth. Not only that, this leads to the assumption that Moslems are neither justifiable in fighting for any cause whatsoever, even if in self-defense, and that any causes which Moslems must uphold has to receive the tacit approval of the White House after being duly scrutinized by the International Zionist establishment.
Time and again, objective analysts throughout the world have pointed out that America must start to look at events and circumstances in the world on a case by case basis and based on the independent outlooks that are commensurate with the interests of the American people and world peace. If they continuously fall into the trap of believing anything the likes of Ariel Sharon deviously feed down the throats of the American people almost forcibly, then the United States is doomed to a blind foreign policy that eventually could render any hopes of maintaining the superpower's invincibility down the drain. To this, Americans must start to realize that their Zionist partners are an evil concoction in themselves and have brought nothing but tragedy and trauma to this region in particular and to the world at large. Moreover, they have embellished the western values they purport to uphold with an even uglier rendition of the imperialist/colonialist character of the western powers that dominated world events for over three centuries. Yet, they are pictured as pioneers taming the wilderness, in which they have forcibly implanted themselves, at the expense of the welfare of the indigenous population they uprooted and the welfare and peace of the rest of the population of the Middle East.
Time and again, this column sought to clarify the fuzzy assumptions which the Zionist establishment has propagated about the region, because such fuzzy assumptions are disseminated with evil intents. This is not only as far as the people of the region are concerned, but as far as the targeted American public of this misreading of world history and conditions, which creates a distorted picture of the region and the values and mores of the people that adhere to it.
In fact, the Zionist establishment has sought to eliminate any historical roles of the people of the region, by eliminating 95% of the people of the Semitic race by monopolizing this classification to those that adhere to the Jewish faith, while depicting their cousins as wild Bedouins that roam, plunder and steal and without any kin relationship whatsoever. This is notwithstanding that their “Diaspora” has rendered them fluid to claim any descent from the Patriarch Ibrahim (Abraham), to whom the Arabs have a more established and proven lineage. Not to mention that they have a greater claim to the ownership of the Holy Land, by merely having inhabited the region for thousands of years, whereas Ariel Sharon cannot prove his ancestral background for any substantial length of time.
To come back to Hezbollah, it is imperative to realize the following before passing any false judgments on this civilized and well organized political and social organization:
1) The cause for which Hezbollah stands for is clear and well defined: End the illegal occupation of Lebanese territory by the Israelis. It is obvious that the Israelis kept that little piece of territory in Lebanon (Shaba'a), just to keep Hezbollah active, so as to convince the Americans of their “terrorism”.
2) Hezbollah has acted in a far more civilized and coherent manner than most Moslem “Jihad” proponents by sticking to the highest standards of confrontation as propagated by Islam. They are not to be associated with Al-Qaeda and the likes of the fly by night fundamentalists that have distorted the image of Islam. Hezbollah has openly declared their disassociation from such dubious organizations. In fact, the majority of broad minded Moslems suspect these dubious movements as actually having some clandestine association with those who aspire to devour the Moslem world including the international Zionist Movement. They also regard Hezbollah as reflecting a civilized and effective rendition of Islam, that deserves a far more objective assessment from the rest of the world. We ask all those critics to prove their false accusation of Hezbollah as being terrorist, in deed and in numbers.
3) Israel's existence goes back to a long history of terror (in which Ariel Sharon has a long leg), with the murder of thousands of innocent Palestinians to terrorize them to leave their homeland to make way for the Zionist rape of the Holy Land. In fact, over the just last two years of the Intifadha, the Israelis have killed over three hundred children (which exceeds the total number of Israelis killed all together). This represents well over 20% of all those killed in the West Bank and Gaza, most of whom are unarmed civilians. Now, who should really be labeled as terrorists.
Doesn't the blackmail and embezzlement exercised by the Zionist lobby in the United States on American politicians raise concern among the American people that behind the scenes, someone else is really running the show there? This is not to mention that this same lobby is behind all the latest fiasco reflected in the current management of American foreign affairs? All we can say is, Americans should start to look from within for the reasons for the recent blunderings of their leadfership, and possibly the causes behind 9/11 as well. There is a lot that lies hidden underneath the political and social smog.