In the wake of ArafatWill Palestine get an Allawi? [Archives:2004/794/Opinion]

November 29 2004

By Adel Al-Khawlani
[email protected]
Yemen Times Staff

The Palestinian issue, which has been the most complicated globally for a long time, is closely similar to that of Iraq and not different from the Afghan one.
The fall of the former Iraqi regime is also very similar to the end of Arafat by Israel, aided by close retinue who are opportunists interested in securing power at the expense of their nations.
Palestine like Iraq is a victim of conspiracies plotted against its leader. People in both countries led homogenous lives. The state of Arabs nowadays, and the US-backed interim government of Iraq, force us to anticipate the appearance of a new Allawi backed by Israel in the holy lands of Palestine.
The death of Arafat will be grieved forever as he proved to be a virtuous leader of the militant movement for four decades and an experienced statesman who refused to abandon any rights for the Palestinians, despite international pressure and Arab silence towards the Palestinian issue.
The homogeneity of both situations appeals to us that Palestinians in the new post-Arafat era may experience a tragic democracy like Iraqi people taste under Allawi, whose job is guiding the occupiers to kill innocent families and demolish their houses.
Instead of bringing security and stability to his people, he insists on implanting the US democracy, which is reflected in the killing of the wounded, humiliating their corpses plus suckling the wealth of the country.
With Bush's wining the election for a second presidential term, Sharon's thick neck is getting thicker. The latter surely seizes the opportunity of the Arab silence and the passive role of the United Nations to expand the roots of the Zionist state and transgress the Palestinians' rights for settlement. Sharon is lavishly supported to fold up the road map and extend his separation wall over the Arab land. He is currently watching with curious eye disputes and conflicts among the Palestinian factions over the death of Arafat and the coming elections to ultimately plot the appearance of a totally new agent to serve the Zionism
If Abu Ammar died from poison, it would be a regretful fact for those who have a clear conscience in Muslim and Arab nations. Was Israel behind that? If yes, who was in the company of Arafat to ably do so? Was he a Jew or a Palestinian pretending his love and loyalty to the statesman just in lip-service? It is a poisonous snake, which we will explore soon along with its poison.
Abu Ammar led a virtuous life full of struggle until he died as a martyr of the land.
Why are the two Islamist resistance organizations (Hamas & al-Jehad) planning to boycott the state presidential elections due in January 2005? Are they both convinced that another Allawi is due to appear in Palestine?
The truth will be unveiled soon. Why did explosions and chaos happen in the mourning tent inside which there were Palestinians; either rulers or ruled they are? Was the explosion plotted by the ruled for the rulers or vice versa? Has not it been thought of as the initial tragedy of Palestine's Allawi?
Conflicts and skirmishes among Palestinian factions do broaden the gap for a new Allawi to appear in Palestine to abandon the rights of his nation and do everything, even impossible, at the expense of his subjects to gratify Sharon as the old one is extremely sharp at pleasing the Superpower of the world.
Palestinians' rights for weaponry are denied. The Israeli prisons do not receive as many Palestinian militants as before for the sake of handing the job to the Palestinian prisons to shoulder the responsibility.
Such facts are to get worsened with the possible appearance of Palestine's Allawi, otherwise, there is a chance for a Karzai as a substitute.