In tribute to a true American martyr:Israel rewarded $10 billion [Archives:2003/628/Opinion]

March 24 2003

The US Presidential Oath:
Does it not apply to Rachel Corrie?
Amidst all the sounds of bass war drums that the American right wing machinery is beating with the sticks supplied by the ultra-right wing international Zionist establishment, last week truly revealed just exactly what America is really all about these days. For weeks, Mr. George Bush II persisted on telling the world that his oath for the Presidency compels him to go to war with Iraq, because he swore to protect American lives. Therefore, to face up to the crystal ball dangers, which only Mr. Bush and his rightwing clique in the American White House have the magical powers to perceive, it is apparent that the Bush Administration is determined to ensure that there is just no way that Saddam Hussein can be allowed to kill any Americans in the future. Yet, last week the Zionist war machine, armed to the teeth by the poor American taxpayers, decided to get rid of those annoying advocates that have been bugging the likes of Ariel Sharon, who view them as thorns that stand in the way of their dream of achieving the mystical fantasy of an Eretz Israel. Those advocates, who hail from many countries, are desperately trying to show the world that what Ariel Sharon and the hoodlums of the Zionist state in Israel are doing is anathema to all standards of modern civilization and an outright ridicule of all the progress that mankind has achieved in human rights and civil justice. Taking advantage of the American people's occupation with their President's commitment to get rid of the eminent dangers to American lives, Ariel Sharon saw an opportunity to rein in terror on those annoying advocates and send them back home, to enable those American Caterpillars to systematically pave the way for the completion of the Zionist dreams. The only way that Sharon sees as a cure for those annoying advocates is to bring the ugly horror of death into their minds, if they ever want to think of advocating for any Palestinian rights or calls for justice by the international community. It is the same kind of mentality that conjured up Deir Yassin and the many massacres that the Palestinians have endured so many times, to scare the Palestinians from staying in Palestine and the Qana massacre to scare the Lebanese from resisting the Israeli occupation of their country. Sharon is a man who is well nurtured in the Zionist cause to understand fully well that death is the most feared destiny of most human beings and the ultimate weapon for driving a clear message that no one will ever stand in the way of the Zionist dream.
Ms Corrie Smith came to Palestine with a conscientious sincere drive to do good for mankind and not just the Palestinians. Like so many well intentioned conscientious people, who see through the ugliness that Zionist chauvinism reflects, these sincere advocates perceive the Zionist dreams as being far beyond what human and religious conscience will allow. To drive the message as clearly as possible, since all the previous efforts to drive those advocates away have failed, Sharon ordered the American Caterpillars loose on the advocates and show them their destiny if they stand in the way of his Zionist thugs. Ms Corrie Smith stood bravely in front of the bulldozer, on the assumption that the “democratic conscience” of the Zionist state would simply not dare to cross paths with any American citizen, since after all the American taxpayers are behind Israel's continuing well being. But, poor Rachel Corrie did not realize how annoying she and her colleagues are becoming to the likes of Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu, especially at this time with the Americans so preoccupied with getting rid of Saddam Hussein, and the big opportunity this brings them in continuing their ethnic cleansing campaign in Palestine, with everybody's eyes so busy looking towards the Fertile Crescent.
Yet, the Bush Administration and the American Zionist establishment saw to it that the brutal murder of Corrie Smith is only accorded buried space in the American press, notwithstanding the fact that Corrie Smith died for the very essence of the American ideals that were once so appealing to the mass discontent and oppressed of the world. To add a humiliating note to this sad tragic death of this brave American lady, the Israeli Officer in charge at the scene expressed his regrets as follows: “We're dealing with a group of protesters acting very irresponsibly, putting everyone in danger.” God only knows that it is the Zionist machine that has been acting irresponsibly, immorally, unethically and illegitimately against the Palestinians and the rest of their Arab victims ever since the cancer of Israel has become a continuing dreaded fact of life, thanks to unfailing generous support by the United States. To uphold his oath, Mr. George Bush saw the death of Corrie Smith and the three shots fired at another American civil rights advocate in Palestine later on, as good grounds for rewarding US 10 Billion Dollars to the Zionist state.
If that is what the American Presidential oath is all about, all we can say is God have mercy on the future of America and the fate of the world. American leadership is now oblivious to true American ideals and will turn its back on the conscientious people, who risk their lives to point out to the world that America is really not the way Mr. Bush and his clique really see it, and for whom the American Presidential oath means absolutely nothing.