Insurgents or contract murderers? [Archives:2004/769/Opinion]

September 2 2004

The grisly murder scene of the 12 poor innocent Nepalese workers only reinforces the strong belief of this observer that there is a very evil force behind these murdering butchers that could not in anyway be tied to any spiritual inclination, least of which is Islam. No matter how much corny displays of attachment to Islam they seek to portray, these dubious groups appearing in Iraq and elsewhere, with different incriminating association with Islam are proving more and more that they are part and parcel of a very mischievous drive to project an ugly image of Islam-to generate hate against the Moslem world. Who are they? What are they really after? How is it that they are so easily able to move and operate in Iraq and elsewhere? Why is it that the “coalition” forces are not getting anywhere in pursuing them? In fact, are they really pursuing them? These groups have no discernible aim except to quench their thirst for blood and obtain a handsome reward for their ugly displays of sadism to serve the interests of the even uglier forces that solicit the services of these vagrants of death. These sadistic displays are horrific enough to arouse the disgust of any decent faithful Moslem and it is clear that these murdering thugs are unleashed almost in a systematic manner, to ensure that genuine Islamic causes are clouded and plastered with blood to remove any degree of credibility to their just and legitimate themes. Just look at the way they proceed with their crimes. How can the kidnapping of two innocent French journalists be logically tied to upholding the cause of freedom for Iraq, when all Moslems (regardless of the hijab ruling) know full well that the majority of the French people are quite sympathetic to most of the gripes that Moslems are challenged by from Palestine to Iraq. It only obviates the fact that these so called “insurgents” are deliberately carrying out this act to embarrass the French and to “get them in line” with the so called conflict of civilizations, which the International Zionist Establishment is pursuing (see the Jerusalem Declaration of 2003; Common Sense article in YT Issue 762 August 9, 2004) against the Moslem World. The French people should be smart to realize that there is more than the hijab involved here and that Ariel Sharon is out to make life miserable for France. In essence these murderers are serving the Zionist drive to get the world divided into a western world led by the International Zionist Movement and the naive neo con establishment that is at the helms in Washington. The irrationality of the actions of these criminals could never be associated with Islamic fundamentals and surely are far from any efforts to liberate Iraq or serve Islamic causes.
One is truly astonished at the kind of displays of sadism that could never be justified by any cause. Who would want to be associated with these animals, except the evil clandestine elements that stand behind them and guide them to such horrendous and senseless bloodletting? How can the cold blooded murder of 12 helpless Nepalese workers trying to make an honest buck to sustain their impoverished families at home be construed as part of Islam, when Islam has always proven to be the banner that advocated the cause of the malcontent of the world? These murder gangs are contract killers out to define a new world of misguided westerners who are gullible to believe that such ugly displays of bloodletting are inseparable from Islam, to promote hatred against a Moslem world caught in disarray between their own helplessness and the demonic forces that stand behind these murdering thugs.
The observer has no other choice than to fully insist that these people are indeed part of a demonic force that has found in bloodshed vast avenues for quick wealth and domination of the world. We have a new world thrown before us in which evil, in all its manifestations has all the leeway to unleash its disregard for all that is sane and rational just so selfish arrogant ambitions can be fulfilled. But, no matter how hard these evil forces seek to villify the real magnificent social strengths of Islam and its humanitarian message, Islam will not be so easily overtaken. There are many westerners who have seen through the darkness that prevails in their midst and have openly protested the efforts of many of the evil institutions that have recently gotten the upper hand in their societies, which seek to propagate a conflict of civilizations that has nothing to do with bringing the world closer to peace and harmony. Thanks to the Internet, these people are letting their feelings felt about this monstrous drive to spread bloodshed around the world and to make death and bloodshed profitable enterprises. These true advocates for world peace and cohesion are growing in numbers and are shouting to the world: “There are many of us in the West who detest what these cold blooded advocates of chauvinism and arrogance are seeking to do. We do not believe that Islam is anything like what these bogus organizations are seeking to project because we know who is behind them.” The monsters behind them they say, while claiming to be the Spartans against terror, are in fact the breeders of terrorism and sanctifiers of cold blooded murder everywhere. These same advocates, because of their relentless efforts to enlighten their fellow citizens, have also become victims of threats from dubious callers and many have in fact been subjected to great harm, let alone harassment.
This observer has received several western enlightened correspondences from several advocates against such dubious efforts to promote world bloodshed and conflict so that manufacturers of death can churn out their profitable weapons of death. These brave and unrelenting voices for the truth are saying to us, don't worry Moslems, we know that there are those in our midst who wish to make you victims of their ugly ambitions. We even know who they are: the International Zionist Movement and the equally evil neo-con establishment that has set the venue for these ugly displays of death on a global scale. Our sympathies go out to the families of the innocent victims of these death contractors, which Islam has no association with whatsoever. May God help us all.