Is Yemen for the educated Yemenis or for the expatriates? [Archives:2005/819/Opinion]

February 24 2005

Ahmed Abdullah
For the Yemen Times

What made me to write this article is that we the jobless educated Yemenis are facing a lot of problems such as unemployment, relegation, exploitation, mistreatment, atrocities etc. We are here for about 4 Yemenis sitting on a Qat session and each one faces a problem or problems etc. Among those educated Yemenis who are here in this Qat session today have not find a job. They have passed their limit of frustration and passed their age of marriage.

However, we decided to share our pains and let us know each other. I was introduced a fellow who is educated from one of the Asian countries. We had chit chatted on many topics but main part of our discussion was related to his misfortunate life. Mr. X is really a qualified person, he speaks perfect English. But unfortunately he is facing the above-mentioned problems.

He is contemplating to migrate somewhere in Africa or Europe. And not dreams to go and work Arabian country. He some times sees Arab expatriates who are not qualified and can not write or speak proper English but are working for leading companies and organizations in Yemen.

The question is what is wrong with us? Can't Yemenis be valued or be able to work in his own country? Where can you find in the world where a citizen gets less than $100 where as other Arabian teachers here in Yemen get $200 to $250 per month. For your information, Yemen is a country where the citizen is to be treated as lower class category than any other nationality. Furthermore, there is one fellow who has recently appeared for an interview. His result was positive and is working for that organization but not happy with the way his boss threats him. Moreover, his boss is a European – Yemeni citizen but born in Yemen.

He had been in Europe quite a long time but behaves like a greedy person and threats Asian expatriates (Indians & Pakistanis) like leaders who are the ones leading the organization plus Arabs (Iraqs, Palestians & Egyptians) like trusted ones. Plus there are private as well as multinational oil companies and NGOs who they prefer to recruit Ethiopians and Sudanese. Also, we should not forget that there are Yemenis who run after their Yemeni brothers in the same organization. He might be considered as a colleague and enemy.

He/she forgets that this destiny comes from Allah and is written above there and cannot oppose or take it away. For instance a Yemeni professional driver applied for a job at one of the NGOs in Yemen and he was selected that was his best day.

But his worst second day was when the Yemeni watch man told him that he is not being selected and told him not to approach the gate. But all were fake stories but managed to approach head of the personnel department. Luckily, the head is a true Muslim who has made the driver's face smiling appreciation, etc but the poor watchman could not control himself. He might be willing for that post one of his family members. But any way it is not in his hand cannot designate for some one that post. He is a simple human being who not believed that destiny from Allah.

And now back to Mr. X's topic, He has been in Yemen for about one year but faced many strange things from Sana'a International Airport to Government offices and private companies. He was asked as an obligation to pay 50 to 100 YR for a two-wheeler to carry his luggage, but imagine He was not having a single Riyal Yemeni.

However, they were aware that he was having currencies other than the Yemeni currency. Moreover, their expectation was not less than ten dollar or open for negotiation with our brother Yemeni guest. Any way he had managed to escape from Sana'a International Airport and now is arranging to abandon his motherland for good. He has lost his confidence, nationality, country, family, and family name.

If not us where are the Yemeni educated leaders? Can't those authorities concerned see what is going in this country? When will Yemen be like any other Arab country? Don't you know that Malaysia was worse its economy situation than Yemen? And see how they have developed their country.

It is the only Muslim country where you can see all Malay Muslims praying together like Friday praying? Can't our leaders (All Arabian Leaders) be called devoted Muslim leader like how they call Bush a devoted Christian? Why I have mixed our problem with politics is that “We are not united Arab and Muslim nation,” so that has created to us a lot of problems, disloyalty, nepotism, tribalism, hatred, discrimination, racism among Muslims and Arabs.

The meaning of “Islam” means “Peace” where as at this stage Muslims are being labeled as “Terrorist”? Then when Muslims are going to liberate our second holiest Muslim place (Jerusalem). There are true Muslims who are ready to liberate Al-Quds if not you fake Muslims.

To my main part of my topic I must openly inform you that we are here helpless and hopeless. Then if you are the educated Yemeni, company owners and Ministers concerned to our problems we appeal you to consider your Yemeni brothers their application. And all the above mentioned are not faked or exaggerated.