Islamic fascism of Bushism [Archives:2006/973/Opinion]

August 17 2006

Abdul-Bari Atwan
Day by day American president George Bush affirms that he uses the war on terror as a pretext to conceal his real intentions for humiliating Arabs and Muslims, intimidating them and changing them to servants of the schemes of American-Israeli domination.

By describing the alleged attempt to blow up British civilian airplanes en route to America, revealed in a dubious way a few days ago, as part of the war with Islamist fascists reflexes his extent of hatred of the Islamic religion and its followers out of extreme religious and racist contempt.

It is a description never used by any western official since the crusade wars, but it's used again now. President Bush announced he was waging a crusade against the terrorists in Afghanistan in retaliation to the victims of the events of September 11. He completely meant what he said and it was not a slip of the tongue as some of his aides tried to suggest to the media in order to avoid provoking the Arab and Islamic streets against America. It was the beginning of America's wars in the region.

The American administration destroyed Afghanistan as it used highly destructive bombs and then did the same in Iraq. Nevertheless no Arab or Muslim writer or official said these wars were launched against them by Christian fascism.

It is really regrettable that there are no laws condemning all those who instigate hatred against the Muslims, as is the case with the Jews, because now the Muslims have become like a low wall that no one defends. Their leaders have surrendered to the American terror, preferring to remain safe with their greed of staying in power.

Bush, his ally Blair and all senior members of their administrations are the ones embodying the ugliest forms of fascism and are criminals who commit human massacres in Iraq and support the same in Lebanon. The fascist is the one who sends heavy smart bombs to the Hebrew state to use them in killing Lebanon's children in Qana, Sheyah, Bintjubail, the southern district of Beirut and all around the country. The American fascism has itself killed 200,000 Iraqis by now and disabled more than another half million. They took a stable country into bloody chaos and a fertile ground for a sectarian civil war killing more than 2,000 people every month. The world has become more dangerous, unsafe and unstable by virtue of this American fascism and its iniquitous and immoral wars it is launching against only Muslims and under exposed false pretexts.

We condemn all forms of Islamic extremism as we strongly condemn all the acts of killing civilians as they are considered terrorism. We, on the other hand, strongly condemn the terror created by the American government, leader of the free world, and the Israeli government, that calls itself as the only democracy in the region, are perpetrating. We can see the ugly face of this terror in the pictures of infants and their pure dead bodies, killed and buried under the rubbles of demolished houses in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq.

The talk of the American president Bush on Islamic fascism, his support of the Israeli aggression to destroy Lebanon, the oldest democratic state and one of the most prominent civilization centers in the region, the bloody practices of his troops in Iraq and their violation of human rights and raping honorable Iraqi women, all are extremism. These brutal and inhuman acts expand the circle of terror and expose innocent lives to danger.

I disbelieve all that was said about the planes operation revealed on Thursday the by the British Home Secretary. We find it imperative to raise question marks about it and its timing.

If the operation was aimed at committing collective massacres and requires the highest degree of security preparations in both Britain and the United States, how does Blair insist to go ahead in his vacation plan in the Caribbean islands and Bush continues enjoying his holiday without cutting it to face this terror that he described as worse than that of September 11?

Why did British security authorities, who were following up those involved in the operation since last December, disclose only a few days ago? Surely the timing of disclosure is linked to the attitude of the British public with a majority opposing the Blair-Bush policy of supporting the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and its opposition of the issue of any resolution by the Security Council for immediate ceasefire.

It is quite obvious that those who fabricated the question of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify killing hundreds of thousands of innocent can now fabricate the question of planes and kidnapping and the attempt to blow them up. Even if the conspiracy is true, the responsible ones for it are basically Bush and his ally Blair and their fascist policies, embodied in the ugliest images in the Arab and Islamic countries.

The axis of fascist evil that is destroying the world is President Bush, his ally Blair and the Jewish Ulmert. The difference between it and the al-Qaeda organization is that the fundamentalist organization does not claim democracy or the leadership of the free world and does not say it represents western values in justice, equality and human rights.

Abdul-Bari Atwan is a well-known writer and politician. He is the Chief Editor of the famous London-based Arabic language newspaper, Al-Quds Al-Arabi.