Israel’s nuclear power factorThe real threat to world peace! [Archives:2004/732/Opinion]

April 26 2004

In looking at the ominous threats that Israel not only poses to peace in the region, but to the world at large as well, we are enlightened by the obvious evil aura that surround Israel's coming into being and its continued systematic campaign for greater territorial expansion. Let one not forget that the unorthodox and often unethical abusiveness of power, militarily on the ground and politically in the international theater, present a clear ongoing display of questionable ethical conduct on the part of the International Zionist Movement and the Hebrew State it worked diligently and ruthlessly to set up and seeks to maintain in Palestine. It should always be borne in mind that the Palestinians were literally and forcefully uprooted from their homeland-for-centuries to make room for the “creation of Israel” and the IZM assured the proper international setting that would not present any obstacle to the perpetration of this inexcusable humanitarian crime of immense proportions. Any objective seeker of the truth in the modern history of the region will now easily find a lot of evidence of the evil aura (even provided by Jewish sources) that surrounded the making and characterize the continued upkeep of the mutant state in the region and we shall delve no further into this regrettable tragic deviation in the normal history of the region.
To insure the permanent implanting of this mutant variety of nation building, the state of Israel, with the strong backing of the IZM insisted on maintaining uncontested military superiority in the region, thanks to an assured possession of state of the art conventional killing technology and a sophisticated security and intelligence apparatus of highly effective global reach. However, Israel continued to project itself as an underdog faced with “hostile” neighbors out to destroy it and insisted on having an indisputable right to possess all the “conventional” military capability to thwart any assaults by any or all of its “hostile” Arab neighbors. The fact that its unique and abrupt creation and continuing expansion at the expense of inhabitants with roots to the stolen land Israel sits on that go back for millennia and its persistence to grow outward is not, to Israel, sufficient grounds for raising possible hostility and suspicions of its neighbors. These neighbors only have to ask the Palestinian refugees that live in their midst how they came into being as such in order to get a grasp of the threat that looms in their midst, not to mention recalling the menacing aggressive attitude and the illegitimate occupation of their own territory that they themselves have faced from their “peaceful democratic” neighbor.
But the buck does not stop there. Israel has aggressively pursued a nuclear weapons development program almost from the start of its fairly recent history. This program was undertaken initially under maximum secrecy and cover up. When it could not keep the secrecy lid on tight anymore, the IZM propaganda machine tried to project the effort as initially an innocent research effort, which even the Americans were convinced of, when they sent a team of inspectors in the early 1960s. Of course these American inspectors were not shown (or ignored) the real nuclear hanky panky of this research effort, which was going on in the basement of the Daemona Nuclear Facility and five floors below that. By the Mid-Eighties, it was recognized that Israel had indeed developed a rich nuclear arsenal. However, the strength and outreach of this capability was belittled and projected as mainly being for deterring possible attacks by its hostile neighbors. Estimates suggest Israel having from 200-400 A-bombs. Needless to say, the hostile neighbors were nowhere near presenting a nuclear threat to Israel and were even lacking the infrastructure to develop one. So what is the rationale for the development of such a huge arsenal that has turned Israel into a mature member of the nuclear power club, surpassing even the United Kingdom in some of its capabilities? Even if we assume that Israel's deterrence motive has some merit to it, if we forget the already conventional superiority owned by Israel, surpassing all the Arab countries combined, wouldn't twenty or say 40 A-bombs be enough (it took two early vintage A-bombs to bring formidable Japan to heel in WW II, so with 40 A-Bombs Israel should feel quite comfortable amidst 20 “hostile” Arab countries). Yet Israel continued to develop a far larger nuclear capability in size and outreach. Why? Isn't it enough that the United States has literally guaranteed that any possible serious threat to Israel will be viewed as a threat to the United States and thus Israel has the full conventional and nuclear American capability behind it? But, one should not forget the international ramifications of the International Zionist Movement and the often declared motive behind the Israeli nuclear build-up to “insure that another 'holocaust' does not occur against any Jews anywhere in the world”. Moreover, because of the unorthodox methods that the IZM relies on to mobilize international support for its Zionist agenda, in its regional and international implications, would it not be safe to conclude that this nuclear capability of international outreach would add more arm-twisting and embezzlement leverage to the IZM, especially if Israel were to have achieved inter-continental ballistic capability and thus add more to its “persuasive” capacity in the United States. Looked at another way, if Israel was to be able to get 10 ICBMs to the US mainland, wouldn't that make the nuclear balance in favor of Israel vis a vis the United States? Even if the US can send 100 ICBM's to Israel, because of the territorial area make-up of the two countries, for all practical purposes 10 or 100 missiles hitting Israel make little difference in terms of destructive capacity. But if Israel musters 100 missiles to reach to the United States, the destruction would be relatively devastating. Now, who represents a real WMD threat to the Untied States in particular and to the world at large? Only Venunu Mordechai knows for sure! In this context, Iraq then becomes a mind-boggling fruitless misadventure.