It is now anyone’s guess:Who is President of the United States, Ariel or George? [Archives:2004/730/Opinion]

April 19 2004

Time and again this observer (and many others) stated that, for all intents and purposes, the White House is run by remote control by the international Zionist Establishment. Time and again, the White House unabashedly insists on proving it so. It was not enough that George W Bush, in his sloppy press conference of Tuesday (April 13, 2004) showed his enmity for the Moslem World by pointing out all the Moslem countries that he finds require the attention of his administration in its expandable “anti-terrorism” war or what is turning out to be the new 14th Crusade. We really had no illusions about Bush's (and the Bushies clique) absolute hatred for almost all things east of the Atlantic and south of the Mediterranean Sea (save of course for that evil Zionist concoction of Israel). But one would not believe that Mr. Bush W. would go on to make this hatred official policy of the United States and not merely a personal complex nurtured by Zionist-Evangelical chauvinism.
Yes, Mr. Bush, in his press conference, continued to insist that if it came from the Bushies, no matter what outcome arises out of it, it is unmistakably sound and proper American decorum. No one should ever think of any of the repeated Administration fumbling that have become even obvious to the blind as a “mistake” or “error”, because the beliefs of George W. Bush are not subject to any accountability, doubts or suspicions. How arrogant can one get?
Then comes the real bombshell, less than twenty four hours later! With George W. Bush continuously looking at his demonic patron Likudnik, Ariel Sharon, the American rouge President has declared outright to the entire world that for all intents and purposes, the United States and Israel are one and the same masters of human destiny and shall pursue their perceptions of how the world map should be drawn demographically and who get what out of the global resources that God has endowed all of mankind with: the Bushies and their friends in the military-industrial complex that predominate in the American economy and last but not least the international Zionist establishment. The “courageous and brave” steps of Ariel Sharon have always had the blessings of George W. Bush. Ever since he got into the White House, the latter closed his eyes, while Sharon unleashed his systematic cleansing of the remainder of the land that was to form the independent Palestinian state and diligently destroyed any hopes for a Middle East Peace Settlement, notwithstanding the fact that his father, George Bush the Elder had promoted the Madrid Peace Conference, which set forth an international framework for peace in the region. But now Mr. Bush went on to project his paternal dogmatic godfather as a knight of shining armor in his so called “War on Terror” and went on to give Ariel Sharon even more than he wanted from him: “Israeli embassy officials said the US had backed a plan requiring Israel to withdrawal from only four token settlements in the north-west sector of the West Bank with a total of 500 settlers.
They said diplomats had prepared four versions of withdrawal proposals, only for Washington to accept the initial one, which was least generous to the Palestinians” (The Guardian of April 14, 2004). On July 31, 2003, Simon Tisdall wrote in the Guardian: “In other words, Mr. Bush seems to have bought, in its entirety, Mr. Sharon's Machiavellian proposition that any act of “terrorism”, however loosely defined, may constitute justification for more foot-dragging by Israel, or even for a de facto suspension of the entire peace process. On this basis, logically, terrorists who oppose the “road map” process (like those politicians in Israel and the US who also oppose it) will always win.
For Mr. Bush, the definition of “terrorist” appears to be almost infinitely expandable in the Israel-Palestine context, as in Iraq and elsewhere.
There is no apparent thought given to notions of legitimate self-defence, or deterrence of prior aggression, or struggle against the most provocative breaches of international law – or simply, against the daily theft of land, liberty and livelihood. His few, supposedly balancing phrases about Palestinian rights and Israeli obligations are hopelessly inadequate.
Mr Bush, it seems, just does not get it. He cannot be bothered to undertake the hard grind or to work the issues, as Bill Clinton did, preferring instead to grandstand, to clutch for credit and compliments and for “leadership moments” that look good on television. As a result, he is dangerously, and sadly, off the pace For Mr Sharon, it is a gift.”
It seems that even US Secretary of State, Colin Powell was again caught off guard by his bosses' excessive coziness to Ariel Sharon, the convicted terrorist (by his own people for the massacre in the Lebanese Palestinian camps in Sabra and Shatilla, when 400,000 Israelis marched in protest against their blood-crazed Zionist Minister of Defense then). The following day, Powell went on to try to clarify the Bush infamous declarations of the day before, by trying to dispel any notions of deviation from past American consistent policy in the region, that was somewhat in league with international community renditions and legitimacy. This was after a bash with Mr. Kofi Annan, who apparently pointed out to the bewildered Powell that Mr. Bush simply had gone out of tune with international legitimacy (which Powell is not oblivious to anyway from past experience) and such unfailing surrender to Zionist wishes will throw the whole idea of international legitimacy out the window, which incidentally is also nothing unusual or surprising for Bush. Yet, surprisingly, the American press tried to convey such radical policy deviations as “consistent” with past American policy for the region and should not surprise anyone! John Voigt of CNN seemed to manifest this media whitewash of Bush's blessings to Zionist wishes when he pointed out after the Press Conference that American administrations have always recognized “the realities on the ground”. Never mind that these realities were put on the ground at the expense of immense human sufferings and with official “terror” instigated by the ruthless Zionist thugs of Ariel Sharon and the many of his likes, who work diligently to apply Zionist plans for the Holy Land until their “Promised Land” stretches (at least) from the Euphrates to the Nile! Thanks to George W. Bush, these plans would not seem far fetched after all!