It’s not America’s fault? [Archives:2003/684/Opinion]

November 9 2003

By Adam Taha
[email protected]

I read a letter published in Yemen Times recently and written by Jane Novak about how it is not America's fault and how heroic President Bush and I quote her words:
“President Bush is determined to give, not lend, $20 billion to Iraq and bring self-determination to Saddam's slaves. The American soldiers in Iraq fight believing they are freeing children. America is working to diminish its own influence by enhancing the influence of every person on earth,” she wrote.
President Bush and his administration don't lend, nor give, but tie a knot in the neck of anyone who takes their political hand outs. Wake up Jane. This is the real world, the 21st century where presidents don't give for nothing, nor do they give because of suffering. They usually give to ease their guilty conscious after bombing the hell out of a country with weapons they haven't tested yet and use Iraq as a testing ground.
Or they can be giving for reasons of economical, political reasons and gaining squeezing the rope a little tighter. Or to shut their people up!
The fact is, Iraq, Afghanistan has been planned long ago. You think such leaders as Bush and any leader sits there ruling a country and that's it. No. They plan their next move like a chess game.
I won't be surprised even now, that Bush and the enemies 'he and many countries' have created, planted, gave weapons to are having a cup of tea together while the usual common man and woman punch each other senseless in the street or debate for years to come as to who's fault it is.
Usually, when a kid stares at you with those big innocent eyes and hands behind her or his back and says 'It's not my fault! I didn't do it! I didn't eat the cake' is not so innocent. Especially when the half of the world is pointing to the bits of cake around the kid's lips.
President Bush is a parable to this; you Jane are the people and he is the king with no clothes and no one has the guts to say 'Bush is naked!' But one day, one little country is going to say it. It already has. France had the guts to say 'shut it and you're wrong' while others ran to Bush because at the end of the day, as he said himself, 'you are with us or against us!'
Yes, in other words, 'if you don't do what you are told, you wont get anymore money, and we will make sure you wont get a cut of that cake I am eating.'
Yes, I know, I heard you the first time Jane. It's not America's fault. I truly believe it isn't because by saying America, you are actually saying 'the people of America.' No, I don't believe it is their fault. Their fault is being so blind ignorant what Bush is doing with their money and what is happening around the world.
And the people of America will shout: “But! We didn't know!' Of course you didn't, especially with the usual bombarding of political boom, boom, patriotic shows on your channels mixing up the truth. What do you expect? Any country does that. It's how they control their people and use their votes!
As a drummer years ago said when caught in some revolution by the enemy, he cried:
“Hey, I am only a drummer! I wasn't fighting in the war! I just beat the drum!'
The reply the enemy gave was, “maybe so but the soldiers were marching to your rhythm.”
Yes Jane. Maybe so but America helped for the soldiers to march to the rhythm. Which soldiers? The Isreali soldiers! That's who.
To end it; Jane, personally, really, no one gives a damn who's fault it is. The damage was done years ago before even bombing of Iraq, Before Afghanistan. And you know what, we saw everything that has happen coming a long time ago.