Jews, Mahathir and the US [Archives:2003/683/Opinion]

November 6 2003

By Abul Mohsin
For the Daily Star, Dakha

Dr. Mahathir’s assertion that the “Jews rule the world by proxy” has annoyed and angered western leaders, particularly the US. His statement was blunt and it pointed out the truth. It is only natural for the Americans to protest and try to belittle Mahathir. However, if we look at the actions of the US government during the last few years in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we would see the rationale behind his comments.
No US government has so far asked the Israeli government openly to vacate the occupied Palestinian territories as was demanded by the UNSC Resolution # 242. But they wasted no time to invade Iraq, purportedly to destroy the elusive WMD which even UN inspectors could not find during their prolonged search. Nor the CIA could establish any link between Iraq and the Al-Queda, the latter being accused of the Sept. 11 attack on the WTC and the Pentagon in New York and Washington.
Even the UN fact-finding mission on Jenin massacre in 2002 was abandoned in the face of Israeli opposition, despite UNSC consent to conduct the investigation. The concrete boundary wall with electronic surveillance system that Israel is now erecting in the West Bank sits on Palestinian land. Israeli negtaion to dismantle the fence provides another proof that the US cannot do anything to stop Israel’s illegal activities. Ariel Sharon has openly said that he would go ahead with the wall even if the US opposes it !
Why should America accept Israeli contention that there should be complete cessation of violence in Palestine before any negotiation can start between the warring parties? Common sense dictates that the aggressor must vacate occupied territories unconditionally. Only then it should demand cessation of all hostile activities by the Palestinians.
In case of Iraq we see a totally different American stance. The economic sanctions imposed on Iraq immediately after the occupation of Kuwait continued for 12 years. Then came the invasion in April this year. Nobody asked Kuwait to negotiate with Iraq about its withdrawal. Incidentally, Kuwait was carved out of former Iraq after the fall of the Ottoman empire . Therefore, it was natural that Iraq would have some genuine grievances against the creation of Kuwait by former colonial powers.
Initially, the US road-map for ME peace envisaged a Palestinian state by 2005. Why such a long gestation ? Bush would have none of it if he gets re-elected in 2004. If he fails, another US president will make more new promises. The US applied its veto in the UNSC to favour Israel on countless occasions. The US gets all its oil, which is vital for its economy, from ME Countries. Yet it calls Israel its best friend in the area.
US’ blind support for Israel made many enemies for the world’s only super power. Given that policy making in Washington depends on Jewish input and opinion, is it wrong to say the Jews rule the world by proxy?
The Jews indeed rule the world by manipulating US and other Western governments. Their domination of the world stock markets and the media is too well-known. The US pressurises other countries to float their currencies, which eventually help Jewish financiers by strengthening the Jewish controlled NY stock exchange.
All these instances show that the US is quite helpless when it comes to making Israel accountable to international law.