Knowledge is not a closed and fixed Salafi circle (1) [Archives:2008/1206/Opinion]

November 10 2008

Ahmad Al-Hubeishi
In his valuable study on the position of some Islamist groups in the west, which was published by the Al-Arabi, a Kuwaiti magazine, in May 1992, the Islamic Thinker Hussein Ahmad Amin established a historical comparison between this position and other similar positions in other religions. He pointed out that the historical experiences signaled the emergence of solitary religious groups in several communities.

The author added that these groups intend to close the doors before them, live in isolated places and avoid liberalism or communication with scientific and intellectual currents seen by their communities at various times.

Amin clarifies his idea in detail, saying, “This is what has happened in the Islamic world at the very beginning of the 1930s when Islamist groups began promoting a call