Late Sheikh Al-Ahmar: Man of national compromise [Archives:2008/1117/Opinion]

December 3 2008

By: Hatem Ali
The homeland lost a very important personality having its remarkable dimension in life of the Yemeni society at the different political levels and social peace spheres. The late Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmar had been the first nucleus for the Yemeni Revolution, thanks to the great man's struggle and strong positions, which have been so far embodied as a reality winning respect of everyone in this country.

Sheikh Al-Ahmar is one of a few personalities that gained sincere respect and highest consideration from all the Yemeni people, as the deceased proved to be 'a man of national compromise', thanks to his key role and direct contribution to resolving multiple national issues and defending the Yemeni Revolution since its early stages.

It is the fact of life and destiny that is behind loss of such a beloved man, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmar, who has so far been the sound pillar in the nation that surprisingly departed this short life.

As Yemeni people, our life is prevailed by grief and sadness over demise of the country's Parliament Speaker during such a state of time that seems to be in an urgent need for the wise and prudent man, who proved able to protect homeland from several calamities and catastrophes that emerged from time to time. Our great Yemen should be more able to learn the ideal struggle from the deceased sheikh via consolidating solidarity and cooperation that can ensure protection of the big national achievements, of which Sheikh Al-Ahmar was one of the prominent founders.

Throughout his life of struggle, the late sheikh played an effective role in addressing issues of the Arab and Islamic nations. Despite difficulties encountering his efforts, the man has been ever present with an effective contribution to addressing all the vital issues of high concern to the Islamic world. Palestine, for instance, had been always present and immortalized in the man's mind until he passed away. Over years, the man used to give a top priority to purifying the Arab land from the Zionist occupation and dominance.

Frankly speaking, Sheikh Al-Ahmar deserves to be described as 'the unique veteran', who has been demonstrating an effective role throughout the different stages of Yemen's history and his biography is a clear-cut proof of his contribution in all the political dynamics. The deceased has been characterized by forgiveness, one of the qualities that helped Yemen get rid of numerous catastrophes that once threatened social peace.

The young generation in the country needs to understand that Yemen, as a land featuring coexistence of such great figures, has mixed between adoration for the land, productivity of man and preservation of the national and civilized heritage. In addition, the Yemeni youths are recommended to learn and know much about the late sheikh through his diaries, which he recorded before he passed away.

The diaries, which Sheikh Al-Ahmar left behind, are entitled “Sheikh Al-Ahmar's Diaries: Issues & Positions”. Via these pieces, the reader is bound to find out that Yemen's contemporary history is embodied in realistic positions, originating from knowledge of the reality and respect for the man, whom we pray to God to forgive and place in his paradise among the righteous slaves.

Allah may have mercy upon Sheikh Al-Ahmar, the struggler and commander at the battles of honor for the sake of developing Yemen and strengthening its status and sovereignty.

Even after his death, Al-Ahmar will remain one of the main features due to supply the present time with experiences of the past, which all adhere to survival according to love for man and homeland.

Source: Al-Thawra State-run Daily