Lebanon dismantles the barrier of Arab fear [Archives:2006/966/Opinion]

July 24 2006

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh
What has been happening in the past few days was not only a brave Arab Lebanese act to break free from the unconquerable Zionist legend. It has been rather a courageous act to break the Zionist entity and to disclose its reality as fragile and prone to fragmentation and breaking at the first actual confrontation with a people's resistance. This has rendered the world in a state of a mixture of admiration and surprise. What would be the case if all the Arab people or part of them enter into the confrontation and what would be the destiny of this arrogant entity that practices a despicable act against the Palestinian people who are besieged and imprisoned and in turn did not lose their will and capability of resistance and challenge?

The state of panic and confusion in which this entity and its generals appear confirm the deep analyses that mention that this entity is actually an American base in the heart of the Arab homeland and this homeland will be able to succeed in pulling down this base with the solidarity of its people and steadfastness and preparedness to sacrifice, as other American bases were dismantled in other places of the world. It is honorable of the Lebanese resistance that it has uncovered the defect of this legend that managed for no short time to deceive its supporters that it is the only and greatest power in the Arab region or what has been called the Middle East.

The Zionist entity has managed for some time to take the initiative of the battle by transferring it inside the Arab countries. However, Lebanon has been able to move the battle to inside occupied Palestine and to make the enemy realize that its existence is surrounded and in the range of the Arab gun. When the hour of salvation comes the arsenal of weapons of mass destruction will not be useful for the entity. These weapons will be a curse against it and will inevitably be the means leading to its end. Provocation of its neighboring countries and flexing its muscles will be meaningless when the hour comes for revenging the crimes that exceeded in quality and quantity all the crimes committed by the Nazis against the European peoples in the Second World War.

When the smoke of the ongoing battle between the Zionist entity and Lebanon disappears, this entity will not be the enemy, the one that is superior in its arrogance. It would have then been overpowered and shown in its actual image. It will not be useful for it to parade its power before the Palestinian people who are under siege and imprisonment.

The legend has collapsed and has been unable to confront an organized and well-trained popular resistance that has clear national goals. What would this legend do if it were faced with an entire nation, even if the stone is the weapon of this nation that is afflicted by leaderships whose only aim is to preserve their power even if the price is very expensive and paid for in the dignity of the nation and its freedom and independence?

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh is Yemen's prominent poet and intellectual. He is the director of the Yemeni Center for Studies.