Leftism and the need for cognitive innovation [Archives:2008/1219/Opinion]

December 25 2008

By: Hamid Jabu
The current discussions held by leftists frequently tell us that we no longer understand what happens in our communities and that our previous expectations were not achieved. According to the discussions, leftism has missed the compass. Some of us damn the Moroccan government's participation in this judgment while others curse the leftists. In addition, the third group of people accuses the state of conspiring against its people while others put the blame on the educated elite for their being seemingly uncommitted.

Such a conflict of thoughts and estimates began very evident when we raised the question, “What does leftism mean today?” during a leftist dialogue in the Moroccan city of Dar Beida. We received various and discrepant answers from various participants in the event to the question. If there was a semi-consensus on the confession to our being unable to understand the current stage of time, we will not find any two of us agreeing on the same medical prescription to treat this inability or difficulty.

As leftists, we estimated that our problem lies within glasses over our eyes. And what we mean by eyeglasses is the theoretical tools via which we read what takes place on the ground, and in light of which, we identify our methodology of understanding real facts on the ground and means of engaging in them.

In this context, the Moroccan leftists adopted two main concepts.

The first of which is that of the national movement heritage and the images it carries about the homeland, the state or other principles that are supposed to be part of our identity, as well as all those related with the political conflict, upon which the leftists built their identity.

The second concept relates with the socialist and Marxist movement heritage and its methodology to liken society to a group of social layers. Both types of concepts or theoretical tools are primarily responsible for framing our look at the community.

Our problem lies within both concepts, which means that we no longer understand what takes place on the ground. We turned to see our imagination as a real fact, however, it is nothing more than an echo produced by distortion of our eyeglasses.

In the past, I discussed the primary approach to rehabilitate leftism cognitively, however, we need to take into consideration that such a cognitive rehabilitation (innovation) must not be understand as confining ourselves in our offices and cars to set up theoretical plans, which we label as the magic solution to our problem.

In fact, we need to get rid of our gloomy conditions and then try new thoughts and mechanisms for our engagement in doing things. We need not stick to old and outdated concepts of leftism labeling individuals disagreeing with them as disbelievers.

Certainly, through this trial, we will be face to face with the risk of falling into blind pragmatism. Therefore, nothing more than being loyal with the real leftist spirit may help us avoid such potential fall. This also means that we should always side with the people and affected social groups in our nation in order for this to be our single criterion to assess authenticity of our speculations.

Anyway, we are required to utilize all the old and modern experiences, and look at the glorious achievements reached by others around us, plus any innovations in the areas of intellectualism and theories. In the meantime, we must not approve anything in this regard as if it is a revealed Holy Book that doesn't accept modification or negotiation.

Source: Al-Tagheer.com