Liars Without Borders [Archives:2007/1058/Opinion]

June 11 2007

By: Ali Al-Sarari
Modelled after the two well-known international organizations; 'Reporters Without Borders' and 'Physicians Without Borders', the Yemeni regime is now breaking into the global stage by declaring a third organization under the name of 'Lairs Without Borders'.

As the Yemeni official institutions showed a desire for the presence of global trade activities in their territory, such presence needs qualifications and facilities. Additionally, as the Yemeni authorities promoted its unity-related experience at the international level, they found nobody accepting their merchandized commodity.Then they tried their alleged prudence via providing new proposals for reforming the Arab League once and reforming the United Nations at another time, but they found no one seduced by such prudence of a country full of violations and is in an urgent need to utilize its prudence if such prudence already exists.

If one seeks the qualifications and facilities possessed by the Yemeni official organizations that help them gain international reputation, he/she is bound to see merely a lot of lies made up by unique techniques. No doubt that the Yemeni organization (LWB) is a source of shock and surprise having no limit in the world of liars who found nobody to raise their flag and take an initiative to constitute an international organization under their name.

To testify the availability of essential qualifications on the part of Yemeni authorities to declare Liars Without Borders, nobody needs to cite the lie of generating electricity from nuclear energy in a poor country, whose share of power is less than 500 megawatts and its citizens frequently live in the dark due to the repeated power blackout.

Also, nobody needs to cite the lie of postponing the manufacture of a mortar to fire at clouds to force rain falls on earth as a solution to water shortage. The authorities refrain from doing so as they fear that rain may devastate the African coasts bordering Yemen. No one needs to quote the lie of constructing a railway in a country lacking good highways. All these lies are designed in Yemen, as there is no even a single liar worldwide who dares to use such lies inside his/her home country.

The unique success reached by the Yemeni authorities in the fabrication of lies and its promotion nationwide encouraged these authorities to exercise such skills at the regional level and internationally. As far as I am concerned, no foreign minister worldwide has preceded his Yemeni counterpart in exploring and applying a new rule for international relations. Such was included in statement by Yemen's Foreign Minister, who declared that the presence of the MP Yahya Al-Houthi in Libya implies that Libya supports Houthi followers in Sa'ada. By this, he justified the current crisis between the two Arab countries, as well as the government's recalling its ambassador from Libya.

According to the same rule, a senior Yemeni government official accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of backing Houthi supporters in Sa'ada. Asked about the evidence, the official responded that he has nothing.

Simply and easily, the Yemeni Foreign Minister decides to break his country's relations with other Islamic states according to his own mood. Similarly, an other high ranking official fuels a crisis between his country and Iran as he has suspicions that the Islamic Republic supports Houthi aides. Such baseless suspicions haven't prevented the Yemeni authorities from breaking ties with Iran and Libya, nor did these suspicions prevented the authorities from organizing popular protests against Libya and Iran.

Accusing Libya of backing Houthi loyalists implies a desire to convince Saudi Arabia that the army is battling Houthi followers in Sa'ada with the aim of protecting the Kingdom's security against a Libyan conspiracy carried out by the Houthis near its border. Charging Iran with supporting Houthis is aimed at persuading the U.S. and its allies that the Yemeni authorities are fighting terror elements, who are loyal with Iran and receive support from the Islamic state. Iran's accusation is based on a widely-spread rule that Iran is a shia state and it backs the Houthis who belong to the shia sect.

Through this type of rules for managing the international relations, the world liars can fuel wars everywhere. From this point, they express the need for an international league to gather their expertises and skills, as well as to seek the help of the Yemeni authorities that are the most experienced worldwide in the field of lies.

George W Bush and Toney Blair waged a fierce war on Iraq under the pretext that they have certain information about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction. After years of occupying the Arab country, both allies found no evidence to prove legitimacy of the war, and as they ran a war this way, they found themselves in swap of blood, thus provoking protests and rage worldwide. Had Bush and Blair asked the Yemeni expertises to help them in fabricating lies, they would have used pretexts that are more technical and avoided such consequences.

To sum up, nobody is expected to underestimate a small and poor country like Yemen, which can gain global reputation successfully and the secret of its success is that it does not have any border or limit for lies.

Ali Al-Sarari is a Yemeni Journalist and a well-known politician. He is the head of the information department at the Yemeni Socialist Party.

Source: Al-Nass Weekly