Like the walls of Jericho:”The walls of Sharon must also come crumbling down” [Archives:2003/657/Opinion]

August 7 2003

What is happening to the United States? That is the big question that is perplexing the minds of most observers these days. America's marriage between the evangelical right and the International Zionist Movement has surely driven the United States into a corner of domestic confusion, economically, politically and socially. On the international sphere, America's friends have been turned into enemies and the invincibility of power has proven powerless in the weakest of battlegrounds, when that power turns helpless amidst a pitiful guerrilla challenge. The marriage is even producing political dogmatism with evangelical sectarian thought, which would make the most devout of believers seek explanations from heaven as to the moral precepts that would condone the unlawful killing and systematic rape of the Holy Land in His Name. Surely the Lord Al-Mighty has not changed the fundamental principles, painstakingly etched out by tens of prophets and messengers, with a Heavenly Mandate to combat oppression and transgression, especially when associated with his Majestic Name. But, Mr. Delay the Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives of the United States will insist that it is more Christian to be Zionist than to uphold human rights and justice and to protect the lives of people like Rachel Corrie, an American citizen who gave her life for truly upholding the justice, which the Lord seeks to implant on this planet. What has Christianity turned into?
We are not at all proposing that Christians should see the world as we see it, although the fact of the matter, Christianity and Islam have much more in common than Christianity and the chauvinistic dogmatic chauvinism, which has turned Mr. Delay into more of a Zionist than even Ariel Sharon. It is more likely that Mr. Delay is more aware of his political ambitions than the realities on the ground in the Holy Land. This marriage, which Mr. Delay is propagating is encouraged by the obvious rewards of political gains of the present administration in the White House. But now that the White House is beginning to sense the obvious miscalculations of falling into the abyss of Zionist thought indefinitely, as Sharon went on to publicly stab American foreign policy considerations in the back, and insisted that he is proceeding on with the construction of the Walls of Sharon in Paqlestine. Mr. Sharon better remember that the Walls of Jericho fell a long time ago and for the simple reason that God wanted them to fall. President George Bush is correct in insisting that the walls are an obvious manifestation of Zionist will rather than an effort to seek security for Israelis. In fact, Mr. Sharon has driven the Zionist state into a more unsecured realm with many majority of Israelis rightly wanting to exit the ugly cycle of violence initiated by no other than Ariel Sharon. Even the illegal settlers in the settlements planted in the West Bank and Gaza are willing to give up the lucrative livelihoods they had living in these illegal settlements and settle for more squeezed out existence in Israel of 1948 (This is what the New York Times said and not any Palestinian propaganda). This comes because they realize that Sharon cannot be trusted to protect them anymore, once the United States has found Sharon's ambitions too taxing for America's long term interests and a further challenge to the US to the difficulties that are now being encountered in the previous fiascos that the Zionists have railroaded the US into, in Afghanistan and Iraq.
It seems that the Zionist establishment played out the role of ignorance and political ambition too much for even the strongest of supporters amidst the Bush Administration. In fact, one has seen evidence of American anger at how much the Zionist role has infiltrated in the workings of American domestic and international affairs. Many emails and web sites clearly display an obvious streak, with many Americans taking it upon themselves to wage a systematic war against Zionist domination of the United States, as they see those who fall outside the Zionist sphere of influence suffer from discrimination in all walks of life including positions in economic, social and political strategic areas of American life,. One would be safe to assume that the unholy marriage of Zionism and evangelical politics will not stand to remain permanent, because many Americans will simply come to realize that the investment in Zionism does to pay off in serving American interests, nor in disseminating the American moral message adhered to by the founders of the United States. It is worthwhile noting at this juncture that two centuries ago, the American forefathers, in fact warned of the penetration of Zionist thought into the American mind set, and insisted that the Constitution should include controls that will prevent the infiltration of Zionist thought as they saw it then into the moral standards they wished America should be guided by. One only has to read the minutes of the Constitutional Convention of Philadelphia in 1789 to confirm the concerns these forefathers were raising, with a clear vision of the eminent dangers of allowing Zionist thought to take over all aspects of American thought and morals. But, just as the old Walls of Jericho fell so will the Walls of Sharon, especially the walls implanted in American political and Christian misguided thinking.