Looking for Mohammed Atta [Archives:2003/685/Opinion]

November 13 2003

By Noral Wanga
[email protected]

I am a Chinese woman working in Singapore and I am writing this letter to seek your assistance by publishing it so as readers could help find my husband whose name is Mohamed Ahmed Atta. My story is quite tearful that I would like to share with you briefly.
I met Mohamed in 1987 while we both studied in Shanghai Industrial University. He was so kind and helpful. He was a faithful man, whom I fell in love with. We got married after I converted to Islam. This happened despite a lot of opposition and pressure from the society and my family. A year later, I gave birth to a lovely baby girl in China, however due to North-South civil war in Yemen in 1994, I did not follow Mohamed to Yemen. That is the start of our tragedy.
We lost contact with each other since I moved to Singapore. I have been trying to call and write to Mohamed many times but he seems to have moved to another place. I hope everything is fine with him and his family.
I am now working as an electronic engineer in Singapore, living with my 10 years old daughter, who is now schooling at primary 3 and doing fine, a very much bright and clever girl, just like her father.
Throughout all these 10 years, I was always thinking of the meaning of life. I realize that what he told me is correct. I was too young to make a decision at that time. I have always been regretting my mistakes and asking forgiveness from Mohamed. I wish my daughter and I can talk to him again, that is the dream of my life. I won’t ask for too much.
I was so excited when I found this website from internet; I got some hope. I will be so grateful if you can understand my feeling and publish this article and photo on your paper. I really hope to know the whereabouts of Mohamed A. Atta, maybe just to let him know how I miss him and pray for him.