Mandela eventually dropped from U.S. terror list [Archives:2008/1172/Opinion]

July 14 2008

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh
The U.S. democratic member of the House of Representatives Barbara Lee eventually managed to drop name of the former South African leader Nilsson Mandela, also a former opinion prisoner and Noble Prize winner, from the U.S. terror list. The issue necessitates a deep contemplation on the hard struggle demonstrated by the former South African Leader.

In order to verify the hundreds or most probably thousands of names contained in this devilish list, which has been used as a sword over the heads of innocent people, as well as those who defend their nations' rights and protect them from the American dominance, we need to add one fact to this issue so that we can clearly disclose the permanent and close collaboration between the U.S. Administration and British government. Both regimes demonstrate this kind of collaboration to confront people's dreams for freedom, independence and liberation from slavery and racial discrimination.

Some readers may view this subject as if it arouses laughter and irony. They may believe that it is ironical to retain name of a great leader in the terror list, particularly after his country was liberated and got rid of discrimination.

South Africa has provided the most ideal example of democracy in the black continent while Mandela was its first president. For me and many people who employ well their mental capacities, this subject doesn't only arouse laughter and sarcasm, but rather it discloses how the foolish superpower stains and fabricates facts.

This subject also reveals how the foolish superpower harms the human dignity, as well as how it does continue its gloomy vision toward liberation movements and leaders in different parts of the world under the guise of baseless pretexts with the malicious intention of intimidating strugglers and silencing free voices advocating legal resistance by natives against occupiers of their homelands.

I still don't know about President George W Bush's reactions toward what happened. I could not have guessed how he would have reacted to advocacy by the Democratic member of the House of Representatives urging that Mandela's name should be dropped from the terror list that contains names of thousands of great strugglers, leaders, scholars and activists.

Names contained in this list are far away from terrorism since they are highly interested in seeking justice and liberties, and enhancing democracy and human rights, two of the issues, which the U.S. Administration claims to support.

I hope this will be a chance for democrats and liberals in the United States to review the terror list in question, as well as hold an international conference to burn this list in order to protect the U.S. reputation and help rescue the nice slogans raised by the current U.S. Administration in support of democracy and human rights.

Good step necessary for correcting inexcusable error

The struggler Nilsson Mandela spent 30 years in prisons of the British occupation in defense of his homeland. The man also had shown strong rejection of racial discrimination. The United Sates, which raised the slogans of liberty, democracy and human rights, should have stood up with the African leader and his people instead of accusing him of having connections with terrorism, and subsequently adding his name to the terror list.

I think that the American people are happy with what has happened, thereby repeating what was said by the Democratic Member of the House of Representatives Barbara Lee, who contributed much to efforts of eventually dropping Mandela's name from the terror list. She is very glad to take such an important step for correcting an inexcusable error.

Source: Al-Thawra State-run Daily.