Massacre in Gaza (3):By all means, it is genocide [Archives:2009/1226/Opinion]

January 19 2009

The pictures here belie much of the hogwash released by the sophisticated Zionist machine about the “defensive nature” of the Israeli genocide being perpetrated in the tragic enclave that Gaza has come to personify. Yet even these horrible pictures of the venue of death this last assault in Gaza has become do not even tell half the full story of the horrors that the powerful Israeli genocide machine is carrying out. There are the four thousand plus wounded, half of whom are civilians (mostly women and children, since males are perplexingly lobbed as “military” casualties) many of whom will be debilitated for life, if not disabled; there is of course the tight siege; there are the hundreds of homes that have been destroyed; there are the thousands of acres of good arable productive agricultural land, which once provided a meager living for its owners; there are the many facilities (“infrastructure of terror”, as the Israelis misleadingly call it – they seem to ignore the fact that the biggest infrastructure of terror lies in what was once the peaceful Holy Land, which was blessed with relative calm and peace for close to a millennium until the Zionist trespassers began to trek on its pure grounds), which were built with the handouts of the international community, as the latter has forgotten that it is now an accomplice in the horrible misdeeds now being perpetrated in Gaza, either by its silence, apathy, or outright support of this devilish Zionist bloodbath; and there are the horrific sleepless nights for the children, who are bound to be affected for the rest of their lives by the loud continuous explosions of the live nightmare the Israeli assault on Gaza is to these children and their mothers, not to mention the deprivation of normal children's lives, devoid of the merriment and the glee that children are entitled to by Divine and civil doctrine.

It is probable from the above that either the gung-ho right wing establishment leaving the White House (and the Democratic Party puppets of AIPAC) in the United States are beset by the belief that the madness unleashed by the Israeli War Machine (misleadingly labeled the Israeli Defense Forces) is revenge for the “Baghdad shoe” that was thrown at President Bush – which was a mild reaction to a previous blunder by the White House in Iraq. Maybe it is also a means of preparing for some possible strong initiative by the new Barack Obama to bring the situation in the Middle East to a conclusive end – a very strong gullible wishful thinking held onto by many naive observers, who fail to recognize that the very existence of Israel depends on a perpetual war venue that is continuously nurtured by ongoing Israeli massacres and destruction of well-being and sustenance of the entire indigenous population the Israelis have forcefully replaced. This is reinforced by the welfare gift of 350 containers or so of weaponry recently shipped to Israel by the Bush Administration. But then again, it is Israel exercising its cause d''tre to serve the interests of an international conspiracy to maintain total domination of the region that controls well over a quarter of the vital crude oil that has become and will continue to be the lifeblood of the modern economic order of the world for some time. This prognosis is becoming stronger day by day in the minds of many analysts.

Needless to say, for most of the Arab and Moslem citizens of the world, notwithstanding the submissive positions of their governments in most cases, this is clear genocide, based on ethnic chauvinism and arrogance that comes with the laxity in the reactions displayed by most of these governments and the international community, as a whole. This is further strengthened by the very carefree attitude of the international community towards its own resolutions, such as the latest United Nations Council resolution calling for an “immediate cease fire” in Gaza. In other words, Israel has a mandate to override all religious, moral codes and human statutes, duly ordained or Heavenly revealed or embedded in the minds and hearts of all civilized men and women. God have mercy on the people of Gaza and on the rest of humanity when the latter eventually are held to account by the Al-Mighty for the failure of an entire world to bring an end to the Holocaust of Gaza.

Hassan Al-Haifi has been a Yemeni political economist and journalist for more than 20 years.