Massacre in Gaza:Where death is the aura of Life [Archives:2009/1223/Opinion]

January 8 2009

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
When for close to a century, a people become subjected to death, injury, imprisonment, continuous relocation, agony, separation from loved ones and a perpetually ominous threat of war, one is amazed more at the rather lackluster concern of an international community that is complacent more with the perpetrator of all these misdeeds rather than it is at showing any compassion and mercy towards the helpless victims of these Godless acts.

The daily and nightly displays of unchallenged military prowess in Gaza used for the total annihilation of a people, who never sought more than to be left alone in peace raising their olives, sheep and oranges, only adds more to the disgust the observer is bound to feel for a regional community that has forgotten the meaning of blood linkage and an international order that has forgotten that it was mainly set up to protect the victims of “holocausts”” and ethnic cleansing.