Masters of Death [Archives:2005/818/Opinion]

February 21 2005

It appears that after 9/11, the Middle East has been destined to become the bloodbath of the world, with the venue created for wild gangs to roam as they like and plant their lethal wares wherever they like, enjoying full access to the internet and the international media channels and running away with every drop of blood they spill free from punishment or even subject to deterrence.

How did this world come to be so easily vulnerable to these hordes of bloodthirsty vagrants, who have an open license to kill anywhere and anyone they so desire. It is indeed perplexing to the staunchest of thinkers and philosophers that the human species can first of all contain such ugly elements that feel no sense of guilt or conscience as they tear to pieces the most magnificent of all creations in mass numbers, and are even willing to take pride in it by announcing that we have boldly undertaken this act of murder and feel closer to God! No these are not God fearing individuals or groups.

On the contrary they have set it upon themselves to defy God in all his commandments and challenge his right to give and take away life, even if it be their very own! What kind of culture breeds such violent notions into the minds of seemingly normal men, who wish to convince us that they do this compelled by piety and the will of God? God forbid that anyone should associate Him with them or any of their doings, for they are truly the wretched and evil of the Earth who are set out to destroy all the work of the tens of prophets and messengers that the Lord Al-Mighty assigned over the ages to embed a culture of kindness, mercy and tolerance, not a culture of hatred, sadism and anarchy.

Yet, the whole world is an open stage for such wild morons to unleash their madness at random and without a rationale that can easily be consumed by the logic and reasoning that has taken millennia to develop in the minds of men. Kill, kill, kill! That is the only platform that these morons can adopt as if the only way to get anywhere in this world is through the process of elimination, whereby one eliminates all those one does not like, or one does not agree with or simply that happens to be at the spot when the itch to kill has hit upon their hollow minds and empty hearts. Where are the values that drive men to such wanton hatred and destruction and thirst for blood? There is no religion that can claim to be of spiritual inclination if it thrives and the separation of human spirit and body.

There is indeed culture that has been in the making for some time, which has been nurtured scientifically to carry out such monstrosities as 9/11 and Qana and Karbala and Najaf and even Beirut. Yes it is a conspiracy and the psyche that is driving these madmen is indeed not a product of coincidence but a product of evil connivance, masterminded by people, who have set up the appropriate channels to unleash this madness of blood, wherever they think it will serve their even more evil inclinations of becoming masters of the world – i.e. to challenge the Lord Al-Mighty for all the elements of his Superiority, including to have the control over human life and human destiny.

It is an evil force that is hidden but has made itself manifest in various images, with the common denominator between all of them being death. What is this hidden monster that has made death an inseparable element of life, with the intention of killing all kinds of conscientiousness and hope? Must mankind live in perpetual fear? Is this the testament of God? God forbid, for the Lord Al-Mighty has all along stressed that He has forbidden all transgressions of Himself.

So where do these monsters come up with the corruption of God's edicts and rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Men who profess that only death will serve God's cause are truly moronic and have no place in any religious doctrine. Yet they are so free to maneuver in this world and able to use all the resources that even modern technology has availed to make life easy towards their mission of death! Something has got to give here. These are not simply the act of a few brainwashed lunatics whose power to reason has been completely removed and who have been fed by the syringes of hate and thirst for blood, so that others, the hapless carriers of death do not even know about or conceive of existing, can eat of the spoils.

This is a highly organized machine that has been built up over the span of generations, where the masters of evil have created a shield that not only covers them from the rest of humanity but protects them from any revelation as to the real evil that brings about such brutality on mankind.

Why should the Middle East be the focal point of operations of this conspiracy by the genius of the real evil that seeks to overcome all forms of human decency and dignity and replace any comfort of the soul with a venue of bloodshed to implant fear upon men to submit to their evil dreams? Only the masterminds of Zionism will be ready to answer that! This is a highly organized campaign to be viewed as merely the work of some moronic gangs here and there that are acting out of their own free will. How could such similarity of deeds be perpetuated simultaneously throughout the world with such phenomenal precision? Random gangs do not operate like that. Only highly organized conspiracies can produce such horrific patterns of death in so many places at a relatively short time span.

Bali or Karbala emanate from the same school and if humanity does not wake up in due time, then any place in this world will be a playground for these wielders of death anytime they deem it to advance their cause. What is this cause? Any cause that regards death as the only way to achieve its objectives is indeed a unified evil cause that sees no evil in its doing as long as its narrow minded interests are advanced.

Terrorism is the baby child of a culture that believes that it can really achieve what no other empire seekers have been able to achieve: mastery of the world through the dissemination of death to instill in the hearts of mankind that there are human masters of death that have decided to challenge one of the powers of the Al-Mighty and that they are the ones who shall give or take away life as they please or as it serves their interests.

It is far bigger than Al-Qaeda, Zerqawi, Syria or even the Axis of Evil that Bush speaks, or even all of them put together.