Might is the right [Archives:2003/655/Opinion]

July 31 2003

By Galal Al-Mohammedi
Amidst the sequent calamities, which take place in Islamic and Arab nation, one wonders, why? And who is the responsible? We go to bed full of hope that the morning may bring a new light that will dispel the murky darkness of the current situation. But every day brings much more despair, pain and agony than the previous one. Since childhood, boyhood, and youth we used to be fed by fake instruction concerning our abilities, our power, and historical heritage which will be the strong-hold against any foreign interference, which are in fact mere a propaganda for leaders. Emotion, enthusiasm, brilliant slogans, and evocative speeches are just a wily dress with an eye to local consumption. Nowadays, we, the new generation, are shocked to find such enormous pyramid collapsed with a slight wind. We were defeated in Afghanistan, Iraq, and who knows what is next. The fact may annoy some fanatic people, but it is the bitter truth, that we can't escape, and the admission of it is the first step for reform. The USA declared the war on Iraq without any reasonable reasons, or without any authorization from UN, Cynically, and UN, which we had thought to be the last hope to solve our problems, and regain our lands. This larger-than-life hope is destroyed as soon as the UN gives the USA an authorization for occupation after the war, in an unprecedented behavior. This simply because it is the supper power. Many of so-called experts intellectualize, and analysts who appear in TVs, give us false analysis country to the real present, and future. All followed the war on Iraq at a time hundreds of analysis come to analyze for the sake of Allah. Does one of them get close to the truth, could foresee rightly, or at least knew the strategy of war? Absolutely no one. Unfortunately, many of them say things that are in complete disharmony with what is written on the face of days. Furthermore, they change their speeches many times in a ridiculous way. The same thing happens in Palestinian issue, when the UK issued many inapplicable resolutions. Actually being the weaker part in this game, whereas Israel has forceful weapons, hence it is respectable and it has the right to accept or refuse any resolution. Hence we get the conclusion that the more strength you have, the more respect you will get. Amidst all these humiliations, lots of thinkers come to convince us in the justice of UN, and the international public opinion. Where is the UN and the international public opinion when the innocent people are killed in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan ? Do they prevent us once? All these disasters give us the reality of ourselves; who are we? What is our price? The earth has become a jungle; the stronger feeds upon the weakest. In order to live in honor, dignity and peace, you have to have power, and nuclear weapons. It is not an invitation for killing, but to live with beats you have to sharpen you teeth. The USA, which has the upper hand, keeps on killing, destroying, and occupying the Islamic countries in the name of “war against terrorism”. Unfortunately most of our rulers try to say the contrary and still believe in its good intentions. One look to the American media is enough to notice to what extent they hate Islam and Islamic civilization, and they don't shame to abuse the Prophet Mohammed, and talking about occupying, destroying and divide Arabic and Islamic countries. The Arab and Islamic masses realize this fact from the very beginning, while the rulers still seeking the USA's complacency and repeating blindly the same American political dress. Take it from me, the most catastrophes or plague to be removed, therefore, our leaders who are supposed to be responsible for us. Such rulers have failed to achieve the Arabic Unity, this poor slogan, has lost its meaning, and to talk of it becomes a work in fertile with the presence of these rulers in power. The history records that Arabs have not agreed, but to strike Iraq. Those leaders behave as a kidnapper, who kidnapped our homes and consider them as their own properties. Instead of building countries, they build enormous palaces for themselves and their relatives. With every passing day, they become a bigger frog in our throats. They are supposed to help their peoples and stand beside them when in need. Conversely, poverty, sickness, illiteracy, no human rights, no democracy are the outcome of their unwise policies. The real in unpromising at all, unless we come back to the real essence of Islam and its instruction, learn, and try to create posterity armed by knowledge and Islamic values. And work band, and wait patiently the promising future, which will be more closer than we expect.