Ministry of Health – act now!! [Archives:2003/666/Opinion]

September 8 2003

By Ali Sharif

Why are some pharmacy businesses are run in a manner similar to vegetable shops and why the Ministry of Health does allow some incompetent medical doctors exploit and rather torture patients? It is also observed that some private-sector hospitals maintain their below hygienic levels and that includes private clinics. The equipment installed and used are of inferior quality or suffering from many defects in some of these medical facilities.
Well, it seems the Ministry's role in this regard is not played in the manner that must be as an authority responsible for serving public health… Public lives are exposed to serious risks and people are facing unpleasant health situations.
Tendency of wrong medical diagnosis is a common event in health facilities a matter exposing people's lives to serious dangers. Indeed patients pay for the permanent damage caused to his health due to negligence practiced by some medical doctors. As a matter of fact, the duty of the physician is essentially to serve humanity, an Oath of Allegiance taken ensures that commitment. It seems some of physicians are tending more towards money and others are simply not qualified to handle what they are practicing!
The Health Ministry has a policeman role to rectify the situation which is so painful. No hospital should be licensed without strictly meeting and maintaining the required medical terms and conditions and these orders are applicable to clinics, pharmacies etc… A frequent field inspection should strictly be conducted. Any violation should immediately be subjected to legal measures.
Over and above, we expect the Ministry of Health to urgently come into the scene, with full force to enforce the system effectively, because Yemen's national obligation is to build a happy healthy nation.