More cooperation between Yemen and Pakistan [Archives:2005/900/Opinion]

December 5 2005

Sameer Aghbary
Senior Specialist
Prime Minister Office

It is noteworthy that Yemen Pakistan relations have rooted to the early years of their foundations as independent states.

The current visit of President Musharaf to Yemen shall witness signing a number of agreements that pave the way towards more cooperations in various fields particularly in the small industries field which Pakistan has a good Experience in it. It also possesses a good experience in technical, vocational and some other fields.

This current visit shall open the doors towards more cooperation and understanding between the two countries. The Yemeni business men will get bigger opportunities through out such formal close relations with their Pakistani counter parts.

Another point is that the Pakistani business men might possibly invest in Aden- Mukla- Hoddaidah Free Zone Areas. It is also possible to benefit from the Yemeni market which is a big market on the route to near by African countries.

During the visit, we hope to exempt the Pakistani school from dues and taxes since it is an educational charity school which is a non profitable establishment in Yemen, aiming to serve the Yemeni generations.

It is a grandeur to thank His Excellency, Ali Abdullah Salleh, President of the Republic of Yemen and his Excellency Prime Minister AbdulKader Ba- Gamal who gave instructions to stand side by side with the Pakistanis in their plight during their catastrophe of the earthquake that struck very wide areas of Kashmir. Thanking his Excellency, Prime Minister of Pakistan Shwkat Khan for his invitation to the Yemeni Prime Minister Abdul Kader Bajamal to visit Pakistan in the near future . More than 300 Yemeni students of which the writer is one of them shall speak Urdu language in addition to English language.

The Pakistani School in Sana'a is regarded on of the best and famous of the foreign schools distinguished in its texts and methods of teaching that makes it equal to Cambridge level due to its certificate which is accredited and recognized in Britain and America for those students who have the desire to complete their higher education.

God bless our great martyr poet Al-Zobairi who lived for some time in Pakistan as Mohammed Bin Al-Kassim who converted the Pakistanis to Islam in which it was called Pakistan, meaning the pure and blessed land. We are sure that it shall remain pure, noble and blessed with its decent men.

It is note worthy that Pakistan has not witnessed any tension or mal-relations with the Arab and Islamic Countries.

Pakistan has a respect to all heavily religions.

The most important thing is that the trends of both Yemen and Pakistan in almost all political issues are compatible specifically the issue of Kashmir during the late meetings of Islamic foreign Ministers in Sana'a

In this sense, we ask His Excellency, President Musharaf to give his instructions to the Pakistani Embassy in Sanaa to make the arrangements towards establishing a Yemeni Pakistani Friendship Association to be a cornerstone and a shield to build up deeper relations between both countries and solve any issues or problems that might possibly face the Pakistani Community and the Pakistani School in Sanaa.