Movement of American fingers in South Yemen [Archives:2008/1152/Opinion]

May 5 2008

Mahmoud Yasin
The United States of America is recommended to maintain a high level of vigilance while moving its fingers in South Yemen, as such is dangerous and may help draw the authority's attention from cracking down on terrorists to searching for the main causes of the national unity's collapse instead.

I am not sure that misguidance and deception endured by people of South Yemen is attributed to American vigilant intelligence movements that unveils an extravagant appetite of a superpower, which no longer fears rapid growth of terrorist cells in a fertile environment like Yemen. Consequently, it no longer needs any entire alliance with the official party (Yemeni government).

There is no satisfactory reason for the notable American indifference, particularly after the U.S. administration has been granted the right to deal with more than one party.

I think that one of the pressing problems in the third world countries is the exaggeration in estimating or assessing the American competence. Therefore, the superpower supposes that it is not foolish to play in a vulnerable environment like Yemen, and in a way resembling the application of genetic experiments and playing with the genes.

Over half a century, the superpower foolishly stretched its domination along the equator with increasing rates of foolish dominance, which disclosed that the world's superpower lacks competence. The U.S. Administration also unveiled its needs for having its dominance stretched beyond the imaginable limits, thereby contradicting intents and expectations of the third world countries and their loose regimes that lost trust in their capacities.

I often heard about missing information and simple designs that have been so far sought by officials in the U.S. state and defense departments. The enraged south part of our country seems to be the reserved area, due to be used by the U.S. Administration to achieve certain interests for Washington.

If there is an American mistake in the south, it may be of that kind committed during an extra time, which is much enough for the American presidential racers to use as a card of pressure and criticism against the ongoing U.S. Administration during their campaigning.

The American foreign experience is not as deadly as it is inland, which is the salient characteristic of all the consecutive administrations. An evident example of this is that the former U.S. President Nixon did not leave the White House because of his failure in Vietnam. He was forced to leave the White House because he tried espionage on his national opponents.

Yemeni authority makes numerous mistakes of this kind in South Yemen due to lacking the general layout and even probably the detailed information. At one time, it tries to adopt gratification polices, while at another time, it send military troops and tanks to attack and kill innocent citizens. Yemeni government is advised to ignore foolishness of its strong opponent in the restive south in order to help people escape unprecedented catastrophes.

Source: Al-Sharea Weekly