New thoughts and the priority of reform. Is it A new stage in Yemen’s national work? [Archives:2004/783/Opinion]

October 21 2004

By Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Tarb
For the Yemen Times

I can say that the President has launched a new thought for the priority of reform. His historical speech is a natural approach to the coming stage of national work based on transparency and being frank with the public
rom my point of view, such a style encourages the otherness to take steps to achieve reforms in different aspects and implement sayings and policies.
So, the main orientation of the leader can be seen as the direct treatment of the people's issues. He has accurately specified the priorities of the coming stage according to a well-defined timetable. The sources available to any community are limited in comparison to the needs. Therefore, priorities should be identified and make use of resources depending on a fixed system.
In my opinion, the current vision takes into account the social dimension and considers the limited-income people. This can be detected in the President's speeches over the last months on his field visits.
There has to be actions to prevent monopoly and confront any attempt at position abuse. This implies taking decisive steps to control prices and fight frequent unjustifiable price rises in basic needs and stuff.
The comprehensive medical insurance service should be expanded based on a timetable over the next five years so that it covers all categories.
The current stage has had enough plans and promises, and now is in need for tangible projects. Citizens should see real achievements in order for them to regain confidence in the abilities of governmental bodies.
The government should prove its capability to implement the plans and programs and push Yemen into the group of advanced countries, and not be only concerned with raising the living standards of citizens.
In terms of reform, we will see development that will require continuous follow-up.
The talk about reform has not ceased yet, and it is a fact that reform imposed from outside is an illusion that will not serve anyone but outsiders.
We need a government that makes preparations for parliamentary and presidential elections, and is able to cope with price rise, unemployment, and corruption, and provide services to a point that ensures the continuity of life.
The neutral observer sees and feels that the government's performance is no reflection of the richness of the Yemeni community. The problem, therefore, can be diagnosed as an inability to make use of experts, or lack of a mechanism to sort them out. Another explanation is that the self-supporting minority is monopolizing the management of the whole society.
I believe that Yemeni is in a race against itself and reform. The Yemeni people are able to do that. What is needed is flexibility of the system so as to live up to the level of responsibility and challenges, and contain the uncontrollable changes that can not be nullified by a conservative system.
People from different classes have their own scenarios, but the President's may be a surprise revealed at a time in the future.
As the current government is about to finish the two-year term set by the president, we hope that a new government will come up to translate the ambitions of election preparation and supervision and make the public optimistic about the future in order to interact with the President's steps and view of the modern Yemen- the state of law and discipline.