No solid backing to extradite Al-Moayed [Archives:2003/655/Opinion]

July 31 2003

Farook Aman
[email protected]

I am a Canadian Citizen of Yemeni origin. I have been in Canada for almost 30 years. Among other duties, I served for 20 years as Senior Vice President for an international company based in Ottawa. My hobby is writing Short stories based on real life experiences. I have participated in Writing Competitions worldwide. I do not belong to any political group in Canada or elsewhere. Nearing on my retirement years, I intend to devote more time to writings.
I would like to say that it is reported that the last issue of Mr. Al Moayed's arrest in Germany does not appear to have solid backing from the German Authorities for extradition to the USA.
A prompt response to the U.S. Government's request would have otherwise taken place without further delay. It is believed that many world citizens have fallen prey in the past to other labels, mainly to espionage charges. With the USA and the former Soviet Union cold war era, virtually non-existent, the modern western world theme of enemy is “Terrorism”. The obsession is of course Osama Bin Laden.
Better known as Hawks, in the U.S. Administration, will not rest until they have achieved fully their short and long terms goals. Terrorism is the cancerous cell that would have to be implanted in the skulls of the current U.S. and future Presidents. Therefore, history will repeat itself. Such as the Japanese persecution at the hands of the then U.S. administration hawks, terrorism and Muslims are the current big and visible headlines and victims through whom the current U.S. Authorities Hawks will manage to achieve their long and short terms goals. The over-shadowing umbrella is the forceful means to installation of World Peace. Big meaningful words! Unfortunately though, law abiding world citizens may fall victims to such policy, and that may have a negative impact on world views on the notion of World Peace.
Many in different countries have voiced their opinions at the apparent arrogance and macho style world monitoring by the only Super Power administration and its unwavering U.K. friends headed by their Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair.
The Germans, the French as well as the Canadian and many other countries wisely resisted the temptations in recent past to the requested blessings of the preemptive attack on Iraq, in spite of the inevitable U.S. political and economical pressures. And the world has now woken up to the consequences of that attack and its impact on world economy and peace. Wisdom, rather than blindfolded friends, won. This is called “Unarmed victory”. No doubt, the USA and the UK are feeling their war decision and experiencing its daily tragic impact. Many innocent soldiers are now fearful to carry out their duties in a hostile land. They wished they were with their respective families. But wishes are wishes and will remain so. In addition, the western media is not docile and blindfolded about it. Daily reports are continually announced, and families of the U.S. discreetly mourn and cry the blood of their loved ones. Unfortunately, it falls on deaf ears of their Authority and its President.
On the other hand, many believe that the world community at the U.N. is regrettably a waste of brains and energy, not to mention the associated huge financial costs to maintain its fragile shell. The USA has proved its supremacy in doing what they wished and continue to do. Their goals are different and powerfully indifferent to the wishes of the other member nations…
It is therefore of no surprise to refer to Al Moayed's case that the Germans, under their respective justice system, are demonstrating yet another wise resistance to a powerful wish to extradite him and his companion to the USA. Once that precedent is achieved by the powerful Ally, then all future requests will be a cake walk and a mere rubber stamp.
It is reported that many German citizens are discreetly hailing the courage of its honorable and sovereign German justice system in the face of a powerful force. On the other hand, many are wisely and sheepishly wishing that such USA request will be approved in order to mend fences with a traditional ally such as the USA, especially in the wake of the “face slap” decision in the recent Iraq war.
May true justice prevail to serve world peace.