Not quite the time to go home [Archives:2003/641/Opinion]

June 12 2003

By Abdullah A. S
In response to the article of “It's time to come back home” I have gone through your article – It is really interesting program – But are you aware about the unemployment – If you meet Yemenis in the UK – then what will they respond to you? You have been in the UK for one year and you have come back home and fulfilled your ambitions – But I'm sure you have great supporters and Sheiks beside you; otherwise you would have not come to Yemen. You program will not be successful because we are not in a position to bring back Yemeni immigrants.
Let me plan for you one program – The tile is “The unemployment of Yemenis & the discriminations among Yemenis and foreigners? Don't you know that the foreigners who are working in Yemen are getting more than the Yemeni citizen? It does not matter whether he/she is an American, British, Indian, Philippines, Bangle, Sudan, Iraqi, and Palestinian.
You should keep in your mind that Yemenis have been exploited by their Yemeni brothers – If a Yemeni & an Indian apply for job and both have the same qualifications, have the same capabilities – I'm sure they will select the Indians – Because his Yemeni brother / boss will keep and try whether he/she is from his village town or not? Then his simple answer in his mind would be let the foreign get instead of this Yemeni?
Dear Akram, don't you know the Yemenis over there in the UK? How can an open minded, educated British – Yemeni person would come back to his home? Are you ready to approach with your plan to Prince Nasim?
It is possible to be presented such programs in the United Arab Emirates – Bahrain – Qatar – and our Omani brothers. These countries & their leaders have fulfilled their dreams & ambitions. So, now if their leaders, their minister of immigrants and their educated men like you have a plan to bring back their nationalities, then I'm sure they would succeed in their plans, dreams, ambitions.
I had great conversations with our African – Yemenis who have fled from East Africa. I was told that officials at the port have humiliated them, treated them not as human beings. They were told that they have lost their Yemeni roots! What about Prince Nasim Hamed? Is that because he was born in the UK – but those African – Yemenis were born in a place previously called “The black continent” / Africa.
Recently, Yemenis who have fled from Iraq were crying for help. But they have been ignored while the Sudanese Govt. has sent special trip plane to Iran to evacuate their nationalities on the border of Iraq & Iran. See how distance from Sudan to Iran?
There was one question being asked by Nadia Al-Saqqaf “What are you going to call this program” and you kept smiling & you don't know yet. You know the real thing that is why you smiled – Moreover you know that Prince Nasim and his followers would not accept to hear from you your fake program and plans?
Forget about our president's dreams – He should ask himself that bringing back Yemeni immigrants or those former leaders who fled home on board to his special plan would bring back Yemeni immigrants. Things are totally different than those former leaders. Your plan is to bring back the Big Boss losers – Then it would not be easy to bring back the junior immigrants. He/she is exercising his/her rights over there and they will implement here in Yemen with the help of the Amnesty International & human rights organizations
I hope I wouldn't hurt you that much – I wish Yemenis to come back home when the time comes – I love to see Yemen as one great nation – God Bless Yemen.