Now, who are the real terrorists? [Archives:2004/723/Opinion]

March 25 2004

Hassan Al-Haifi
By all standards, the absolutely barbaric attack on Sheikh Ahmed Yassine clearly underscores the obviously criminal and demonic nature of the State of Israel, and all the clandestine and visible forces that stand behind. The most contemptuous of words escape the horrified observer to try to find the adjective of such a sadistic aggression, which has surpassed all the crimes to humanity by a “democratic” state, as Israel and its friends try to falsely project. Just think of it, a man, displaced from his native land under the nozzle of Zionist demagoguery, forced to live the life of a refugee under the most difficult of conditions, like most of his countrymen, witness to the continuous persecution of his people, it was inevitable that this pious man was to turn to God and dedicate himself to the liberation of his people, notwithstanding all the physical handicaps he was afflicted with almost full physical disability. Contrary to the menacing misrepresentation of Sheikh Ahmed Yassine, the man was never a direct promoter of excessive violence. Nor was he ever directly involved in the engineering of suicide attacks. But the pious and vehement belief in the cause of his people and his courage at speaking out against the barbarity of the Israelis made a valiant symbol out of the fundamentally missionary inclined religious leader. In their wanton mistreatment of the indigenous people of the territory that was literally wrenched by the Israelis from under the Palestinians, with the blessing of the international community, it was inevitable that the religious inclinations of the Sheikh would find great solace in calling for the liberation of his people under the banner of Islam. Like many of the idealists of the people in the region, Sheikh Yassine saw in Islam a more effective tool to remedy the sorry plight of most of the constituencies of the Arab World in particular and the Moslem World in general. This was further enhanced by the obvious failures of more secular political orientations that eventually produced autocratic regimes characterized by gross mismanagement of public affairs and a total disregard for the rights and dignity of their subjects. Thus, Islam in this context contained the dogmatic force of greatest appeal to the people of the area and Islamic justice was the only remedy sought after by people like Sheikh Yassine. With the long historical animosity to Islam by the proponents of Zionism, it was inevitable that the Zionist state and the International Zionist movement was to seek to engage the world in a cultural and dogmatic clash under the guise of upholding Western culture and civilization. Thus, even the helpless state of Sheikh Yassine was to be exaggerated as a horrific hostile demon. The continuous suffering of Ahmed Yassine made him a hero and produced for the man a reverence among not only the people in the Arab World, but also throughout the Moslem World. In fact, Sheikh Yassine was fully versed in the conscientious behavior expected of Moslems and was by all counts considered moderately civil. His humble and almost pitiful living conditions attest to his distaste for the mundane and clearly show him not to be a seeker of mundane extravagance by all means, even when compared to his subordinates in Hamas. He lived in a squalid neighborhood with the most simple of furnishings and accommodation. This was the man that Israel was labeling the “terrorist” that symbolizes the dreaded enemy of western civilization, while in reality, just from looking at the surroundings of the Yassine residence, it was clear who the real terrorists are. By God, how did the horrific enclave of Gaza came into being, if it was not for the terror of monstrous proportions unleashed by the Jewish state from the very first foothold that illegal Jewish settlers were able to snatch, thanks to the closed eye attitude of the British Administrators of the Mandate on Palestine. Nothing is further than the truth. It was the likes of Ariel Sharon and his sadistic craving for Palestinian and Arab blood, which manifested the inherent feature of Zionist dogma, until the “Promised Land” extends from the Euphrates to the Nile, by all means and at all costs. It was the frustration of a systematic campaign of oppression and repressive control that drove many of the victims of the Israeli irrepressible chauvinistic drives to follow the calls for “Jihad” or liberation (Jihad is simply a “fight” against oppression and injustice and not the ugly picture that is energetically being disseminated by the Zionist establishment, through its extensive control and influence in the world-wide mass media channels) and not any inherent nature of violence that is more at comfort with Zionist demagogues like Ariel Sharon. Who is Ariel Sharon to judge people on behalf of the Western World and act as judge, jury and executioner, when his hands are drenched in the blood of hundreds of Palestinians and Lebanese by his own hands or his engineering?
The most ridiculous aftermath of this heinous crime was the reaction of the Ultra-Zionist Bush Administration. First, there is the ridiculous lie that Washington had no knowledge of the assault on Sheikh Yassine, coupled with an opinion as to the justifications that would call for such an attack. If that was the case, then what happened to the America of the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican), who immediately demanded that France, Britain and Israel withdraw from Sinai, for the simple reason that they failed to give Washington prior notice of their tri-partite invasion of the Peninsula during the Suez War of 1956. The Bush Administration's War on Terror is no more than a disguise for legitimizing state organized terror by demagogues, who are afflicted with a chauvinistic mind-set that craves on blood. Sheikh Yassine's death has clearly revealed who are the real sponsors, proponents and nurturer's of organized terror. They simply cannot be practically fully handicapped old men coming out of a House of God after their morning prayers or the innocent other victims of this latest of Israeli massacres.