Our role as Muslims [Archives:2003/677/Opinion]

October 16 2003

By Abdullah Ahmed Muhammed
[email protected]

What’s funny is that as I write this response to you from your website I can’t but help notice the advertisement for an insurance company just above where I’m writing. The ad. features a globe, turning in the palm of a hand with the word ‘Reliability’ over the globe. Indeed as Arabs and Muslims we believe that Allah is the creator and sustainer of all existence. We believe that those trillions of laws behind all we know and all we are still yet to uncover are operating with purpose and under the exact instruction of their Creator, Allah. What’s the point? Quite obvious really. Let’s take the famous saying about us all being actors on the stage of life. So we are the actors. The stage, well it was already there- the lighting, the timing of everything until the final curtain falls. How we act? This is the question! Believe it or believe it not, as precisely as the stage has been set up precise instructions have been issued from the Director to the actors. Some actors choose to follow their instructions some prefer to ‘ad-lib’. The world today is ‘ad-lib’. A world sitting in the palm of the only manifest superpower, disregarding all law, instruction, guidance and direction from the sustainer of motion, time and life itself, preferring instead to go it alone. Indeed all the major players in the world today do not resent this way of acting (ad-lib), rather their frustrations are in being thrown out of the ‘lime-light’, loosing out on the glory and the riches. The colonial history of any European big ‘actor’ is just as bad and in some cases worse than America today. Why does American policy look the way it does today? Simply because the world is in their hands and they can get away with it. No longer do the actors choose to please the audience; their director. They prefer instead to enjoy their lives and have maximum fun – sensual pleasure being the motivation. Can American foreign policy command the confidence of the world? No one likes a show off! More than this no one likes to be voiced over and made insignificant.
The play today shows us more horror, humiliation, destruction, abuse, corruption (corporate, governmental, social….) than at any other time in history. All of which are the real bitter fruits of independence from direction… of ‘ad-libbing’.
How the story ends? That’s the good part. Those who understand what life is all about, those who bring guidance from the stage setter Himself, well they return. True to every word, to every direction they will right the wrong. Following rules and implementing laws so relevant, omnipotent and precise they will begin to set the record straight. With names such as the Economic System of Islam, the Islamic Ruling System, the Islamic Punishment System, the Social System of Islam, the Ameer of Jihad, the Wali, the Judge of Investigating State Oppression, the Moawins Tanfeedi and Tafweedi, the Shura Council and of course the Khilafah and the Khaleefah they will, by Allah’s leave, act the way Allah desires and according to His law, demonstrating the correct domestic and foreign policy that will bring so many of today’s helpless victims across every continent true hope for a life with reliability, far away from venomous blood-sucking corporate designs. A world in which honor has meaning and peoples divinely ordained rights are guaranteed as sacrosanct, a world turning not in the palm of America or any other secular state (Iran, S.A., Turkey, Yemen etc all included), indeed a world spinning on the axis of Islam. Real Islam – defended, protected, implemented and truly projected by the one true Islamic state… it’s return promised by the Prophet Himself when He said :”… and then there will be Khilafah on the way of Prophet hood”. (Iman Ahmed)