Palestine: the bleeding wound [Archives:2004/773/Opinion]

September 16 2004

By Ramzi Al-Absi
Yemen Times Staff

The resignation of the Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qura'e, indicates the weakness of Arabs and the impossibility of reaching a convincing and fair solution to the Palestinian issue. That's Qura'e's reaction to the Israeli aggression which swept every part of the Holy lands, every child, every adult, every tree and every stone. The latest testament to inhuman Israeli crimes is the situation of detainees which is getting worse and worse everyday. In spite of the various treaties and international agreements, the Israeli proceedings against the Palestinian detainees – who have been on hunger strike appealing to the international community for humane treatment – in its prisons don't seem to have an end.
More than 8000 Palestinian detainees including children and women, receive different kinds of torture and oppressive treatment. They face death in Israeli prisons; diseases have spread amongst them consequently affecting more than 130 without having any medicine or being hospitalized. Waleed Amr, who died of pain, set a good example of that. They find it difficult to eat or drink. Therefore, they are holding a hunger strike in an attempt to try to send a message to the whole world. What's more, the International Committee for Red Cross has received samples of the outdated medicines distributed to the detainees by the Israeli Prisons Administration.
On the other hand, 13 international organizations called on Israel to implement the 4th Geneva Treaty that stresses treating the detainees as war hostages. They're also reminding Israel of other international agreements on human rights. Many demonstrations have taken place all over the Palestinian land in which not only Muslims but Christians protested the miserable inhumane conditions of the detainees. Protest, condemnation, appeal and showing concern of the devoted voices of human rights are futile attempts to convince Israel to treat prisoners in a humane manner. Whoever has a heart surely sympathizes with them.