Peace and justice: a dream we share with the American people [Archives:2008/1199/Opinion]

October 16 2008

By:Dr. Waheeba Farea
The American community pays attention to a report recommending that the U.S. Administration should change its policy in Iraq. This report, however, came after Malta was destroyed, the U.S. was converted into a beast in the eyes of people worldwide and the Americans themselves and the international economy turned to experience an unprecedented crisis.

Like the American people, we don't know the motive that encouraged the U.S. Administration to occupy other nations. We don't believe that the U.S. sacrificed its human and economic resources for the sake of making the whole world happy, even at the expense of the White House.

Some people may say that what America did was for the sake of protecting democracy and retaining a political status that helps it play roles of both a policeman and a judge at the same time.

The Arabs, either those who sympathize with the current U.S. President or those who fear his policy, don't know what is really taking place on the ground. The policy, currently pursued by President Bush, is taking the U.S. and the region into terrible catastrophes while opponents or proponents of this policy are experiencing growing rage and frustration.

It is a foolish policy that helps terrorism to spread worldwide and encourages terrorists to be more barbaric and vandalistic. It didn't address poverty or a natural disaster. This policy was set with the aim of toppling any regimes worldwide that disagree with the U.S. Administration and leave people suffering chaos and trouble.

Neither we nor the noble Americans understand why they thousands of American citizens are sent overseas and involved in wars whose causes and affects are known in advance. It is impossible for the military personnel serving overseas to tolerate what takes place on the ground forever, mainly as they see no satisfactory objective of their service or an incentive to wait for.

Tragic memories

The U.S. troops serving oversees face national resistance anywhere they are serving. And this resistance was legalized by all the earthly and divine legislations for patriots to defend their homelands. The U.S. service troops will eventually return home with multiple losses and tragic memories, which they leave behind or bring home with them. They will return home with a notorious record.

We don't know how many families and relatives of U.S. service troops who may forgive those, who deprived them of communicating with their beloved ones (troops), who were engaged in unfair wars. We don't know how survivors in these wars will regret what they have committed in unfair wars.

We don't know how long the American people will take to rehabilitate troops serving in Iraq in order to become normal citizens after being transformed into human beasts.

Defender of Democracy

We still don't know why the U.S. Administration sacrificed its status and why it insisted to wage an unfair war for unreal reasons and assumptive apologies. The entire world has been eying the U.S. as “Defender of Democracy”” without firing even a single bullet. Afterward