Politicians and intellectuals talk about13th anniversary of Yemen [Archives:2003/637/Opinion]

May 26 2003

Hussein al-Zuriqi

Yemen unity, declared on May 22, 1990, is considered as the most remarkable achievement by the Yemeni people in the twentieth century, and the people have been much proud of this historic event.
Yemen is in these days celebrating this anniversary. Many intellectuals and politicians have talked to YT about the significance of it.
Ahmad Ali ba-Obeid , general manager of Hodeidah port said achieving the unification of Yemen has been an outcome of the struggle and strong will of all Yemenis, and it is mere a wrongful to say it was made out of the blue.
In fact, it is difficult for Yemen to make any progress without the unity which has inspired all Yemenis of success and was the source of their efficiency in different fields of life.
Throughout the period of unity, Yemen has been successful in different political, economic and social spheres. Now we enjoy democratic modern state and excellent foreign relations. And we are proud of the achievements made in our port, which are the good harvest of Yemen unity.
Ali Abdullah Fikri, general manager of the national institute for administrative sciences stressed that Yemen has witnessed remarkable achievements within a short period of time. We have many investments and many economic, social and cultural developments occurred. We have made remarkable progress worldwide.
He stressed that education witnessed lots of developments in the past 13 years, especially private and public education, technical education .College of society, and in the field of eradicating illiteracy.
Dr Bassam Burih, Rector of Hodeidah University president said Yemen unity is a significant success. All the people fought, along with their leader president Ali Abdullah Saleh, against the separatists who were lurking our unity and accordingly they were defeated and disappointed. .Most important achievements are:
-Laying foundations for a modern Yemeni state,
-Fighting terrorism and violence and strengthening foreign relations with friendly countries and settling border disputes in the proper peaceful way,
-Backing the many-faceted development process as it mainly aims at improving man.
The constitution has laid the foundation of modern Yemeni state, human rights and the political foundations and how to peacefully transfer the power.
In the development field Dr Qassem stresses the number of elementary and secondary school is increasing greatly. There are more than 11 thousand schools offering education services to five million students and we have seven government universities where two- hundred thousand students are continuing their studies. Before the unification, there used to be, however, only two universities in Sana'a and Aden. Hodeidah University used to have only one college, whereas it contains now ten colleges with about twenty thousand students