Potential end of new conservatives [Archives:2008/1194/Opinion]

September 29 2008

Faruq Luqman
When Paul Wolfowitz , the former US Deputy Secretary of Defense quit service, people around the world expressed their satisfaction for more than one reason. The first of which is that Wolfowitz was the engineer of the aggressive war and the illegal occupation and destruction of Iraq under the U.S. President George W Bush. Another reason is that the man was indecent while dealing with his co-workers and allies of his state. He was a staunch bystander of Israel, and under the guidance of his secretary Rams Field and the US Vice President Deck Cheney, he played an important role in intervening in the internal affairs of other countries and their regimes by force if the U.S. and the Israeli interests necessitated that.

The US President Bush brought a group of people together, whom critics called 'new conservatives' under the supervision and guidance of Cheney, one of the most prominent and ugliest new conservatives in the current century. Rams Field, Wolfowitz and others were occupying some of the most important and sensitive posts in Bush's administration. This led the U.S. to commit flagrant mistakes affecting its international relations with other states, as well as the internal policy, which made the former US President Jimmy Carter declares that Bush is 'The worst president in history' in light of his country's external policy. Bush didn't find a large number of supporters to defend him vehemently and sincerely. In addition, Carter labelled the outgoing British Prime Minister, who has just step down his post as not much different from the US leader for his involvement in Iraq's catastrophe, as they made the Arab country lacks the simplest standards of the state. The state is worse than any other poor countries in the Caribbean and Africa where people have no respect for their corrupt governments.

After animosity escalated toward Wolfowitz and his boss Rams Field, as well as the failure of the American plan, which both officials set, Bush found himself compelled to fire Wolfowitz after he riskily faced bullets and grenades during his visit to Baghdad and while his accommodation in a hotel having heightened security. There are several photos for the horror-stricken official at the time of the blast. The attackers wanted to give Wolfowitz a live lesson as a punishment for what he committed in the Mesopotamia.

Such was not sufficient warning, as the US unwise President Bush appointed the official, who machinated Iraq's tragedy and was behind the killing of nearly 7 hundred thousand people and wounding more than million, plus the waste of the Arab country's oil wealth according to Iraqi and American sources, as President of the World Bank. The WB is the international financial institution that spent nearly $25 billion over the past year in the forms of loans for the needy and poor states. Why did Bush appoint Wolfowitz President of the World Bank? The answer is because he was primarily one of the new conservatives and a close friend. The unwise president did so in order to scorn and taunt people of the world who have been usually denouncing Wolfowitz's acts and his tragic role in Iraq.

When a man loses his post

However, the man could not retain his WB post because he violated the WB bylaws and committed a big mistake in favor of his mistress Shaha Ridha, an American citizen from an Iranian origin when her entitlements exceeded the WB agreed-upon limit. Wolfowitz gave his mistress an annual increase estimated at $60,000 at one instalment before she moved to work for the Washington-based Department of State. As all the employees know, such an increase is the end of service entitlements and it also helps raise pension until the beneficiary dies. By this, the man ensured his mistress a comfortable job and excellent income for lifetime in a unique corruption case at the level of high-ranking officials. This can be compared to what the blind British Secretary John Pliant did when he took job of the Department of Labor. He committed a technical mistake by demanding his aides to accelerate procedures of the residence permission for a foreign female citizen to work in Britain according to the demands of his mistress that was in an urgent need of this foreigner. As the news was let out, people strongly criticized him while the media accused him of exceeding the limit of his powers because he has an advantage by helping his mistress. Ethics of the job requires that he should not intervene in doing a favor for his mistress. Actually, he was forced to step down in order not to perplex the Prime Minister Toney Blair, who used to prefer him to other well-eyed people.

The man was highly respected among his colleagues and well-educated although he lost his sight in the early months of his age. He outperformed his co-workers in various majors. He was screened on television giving an oratory speech at the National Assembly from papers, which he dictated on his female secretary who in turn transformed it into the Brazilian style concerned with the blind. He used a good language, which is rarely mastered by graduates from the reputable universities or prominent announcers of BBC. For me, I don't believe that he is less creative than his colleagues and opponents in other sections of the Assembly. He was superior to them.

Irrespective of what is said about Wolfowitz, the amazing fact is related with the deterioration of Bush's administration and the elimination of new conservatives who are responsible for catastrophes and devastation in the United States. They represent the American Rightists and the ugly face of capitalism that left behind the trade of slaves in the south, specifically in the State of Texas, the birthplace of Bush. This trade is denying some fifty million people the right to free medication and social security to ensure their survival since the social security lobby in the country is composed of the ugliest social classes who trigger hostility toward democracy. It is known that the lobby people assembled together in the face of the former democratic President Bill Clinton, as he tried to fight monopoly on medication in order to help the poor classes, who make up fifty million of the country's population, have an access to this right. They attempted to overthrow Clinton through the scandal of Monica Lewinsky as the president was deceived by the hired lady, however, the scandal of consecutive presidents in the White House is not a new fact. The fact wasn't kept secret since the very beginning. I needn't study the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is chaired by Hover, in order to read more about corruption stories. Books in libraries are a clear-cut evidence of the behavior of presidents who used to hire prostitutes via mafias.

Source: 26 September Weekly