Praise to columnist Al-HaifiDrive Zionist allies from White House [Archives:2004/706/Opinion]

January 26 2004

Alan Balboni, PH.D.
University of Nevada, USA
[email protected]

Three cheers for your columnist Hassan Al-Haifi. He is on target. Yes, whether in the United States or abroad two interests are dominant for the Bush administration: corporate plundering of the wealth of others, whether they be hard working middle class Americans or citizens of Iraq; and subsidizing the expansionist power of the Zionist state. Sometimes one or the other predominates in relation to a particular issue or particular area of the globe.
Al-Haifi performs a fine service for all readers of the Yemen Times, whether they are in the Moslem world, in the English speaking nations, or indeed in Israel. Too often the media in many areas is owned by corporate plunderers or extreme Zionists affiliated with the Likud Party.
Thus, honest, hard working people across the globe are too often denied the opportunity to get beyond the rhetoric of “bringing freedom and democracy to all, by force if we so decide” which spews forth from the propagandists of Bush and Sharon.
Haifi will help the readers understand the real motivations of the Bush – Cheney cabal in the White House. We may pray that understanding leads to action so that the American voters will drive the corporate plunderers and their Likud Zionist allies from the White House in the November elections.