President Bush’s self-paralogism [Archives:2006/976/Opinion]

August 28 2006

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh
President Bush deludes himself of achieving victory in Afghanistan and of more victory in Iraq, it is no wonder that he considers himself as victorious in Lebanon and the surrogate war that the Zionist entity fought for his administration. Bush's administration has already inflicted many losses in life, money and reputation on the great American people that they have never before sustained. We cannot claim there is an information blackout surrounding the president, as it happens in regarding presidents in a number of third world countries, or there is concealment of information from him to cause his ignorance or feigning to ignore. This is a matter causing astonishment. On the other hand, President Bush is not that stupid to imagine tragic defeats as victories, he is rather very smart to an extent making him deceiving others that he had triumphed and that everything is as desired and well.

No one knows for how long would president Bush continue in deceiving others and deluding himself that those others are convinced in his paralogism that that exceeded imagination. For instance the former American Secretary of State Collin Powell has become skeptical in what President Bush says about fake and deceptive victories and added to what the press says in exposing stands of President Bush and his aides in the administration and the lies they are marketing to the public. Such lies are not subject to the logic and hardly to be accepted, as one of the newspapers mentions, an eastern society governed by oppression and extortion as well as a modern democratic society.

Probably the strangest words of President Bush are those talking about his victories as he says that the world would not understand the reality of the defeat inflicted on Hezbollah but after years. It seems as if he wanted that the American public not to understand the dimensions of defeat inflicted on the Zionist entity, and which in fact was a defeat for him personally and his administration, until after he has left the White House and to be one of the former presidents who usually would not bother about a defeat or victory. He is among those who believe however clever and conscious they rapidly will forget and that the days would make the American people forget the defeat sustained by the Zionist entity and the American administration together. These paralogisms generally imply of the situation the White House has reached, especially the political and moral fall.

According to some psychologists, whatever dangerous consequences entail deception of others, they are not comparable to those resulting from self-deception. The latter creates a state of split between the person and the reality and makes all his judgments and visions in a position of uncalculated evaluation and accordingly small and great matters come to be at the same footing. The more dangerous is when this case is the characteristic of president of a state that is the greatest power in the world if the case were of an ordinary person the matter will be easier because its effect will not go beyond a narrow circle around him. However when the one affected with this case is a president of a superpower then this is a tragic situation and its impact will not be confined to days but will extend to tens of years.

Bush has been defeated in Afghanistan and is being defeated in Iraq after his policy has worked on destroying the Iraqi people and tearing to pieces their unity and the bonds of brotherhood among their sectarian and ethnic components. Only lately Bush has been defeated in Lebanon and the world is still waiting his new defeats unless a miracle happens when demands for expelling him from presidency, called by some congressmen, are achieved, as was the case with his predecessors whose mistakes were less and in limited extent.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh is Yemen's prominent poet and intellectual. He is the director of the Yemeni Center for Studies & Research.